Mattawan Family Caught In Colorado Avalanche

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MATTAWAN, Mich.– A family from the Mattawan area is returning home to West Michigan after surviving an avalanche during a Colorado ski trip.

Justin Hodges, 15, and his younger brother and father were pumped to be on the slopes of the Arapahoe Basin for the last day of their trip.  They were part of a group of 14 skiers and a patroller on Saturday afternoon.

The group was headed down a mountain when disaster struck.

“All the sudden I looked up and I saw a wall of snow just moving towards me  and someone shouted avalanche,” recalled Justin. “It hit my skis, and I just fell back on my back.”

Hodges says he was overtaken by a tidal wave of snow.

“All I remember is the snow was just clogging my throat and I could hardly breathe,” Hodges said. He was eventually able to get himself up. He then waited for the ski patroller to give him instructions.

Justin’s 13-year-old brother suffered some bruises, and  his father couldn’t get up due to an injured knee.

Golden retriever dogs were used to help with the rescue, and Justin’s father was eventually pulled to safety with a snowmobile.

All the skiers in the group survived with few injuries.

The Hodges family returned to Mattawan late Sunday and are thankful to be alive. For them, it was a  ski vacation they will never forget.

Their avalanche experience made headlines in Colorado.

Still, Justin said he wouldn’t hesitate to get back on the slopes. “I would do it tomorrow, I’d do the same run again right now, but I don’t think my dad would let me.”

An accident investigation is being conducted at the resort.

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  • Michelle L

    Why did you twist the end of the story on the broadcast? Take a nice positive story where everyone is alive and only minor injuries to try to pull a negative by closing the story with "But the family will need to buy new skis…"