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A Celebration of Black History Month

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Black History Mall

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich – Twenty costumed performers dressed as influential figures in African American history. Shoppers gather around the performers listening to their life stories, struggles, and accomplishments.

Some of the personalities that were at Woodland Mall this afternoon were, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, and Fredrick Douglass. This is a part of the celebration of Black History Month, which runs through the end of February.

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  • kevin

    When is white history month? Red history month? Brown history month? Yellow history month? Keep hearing about the ancient alien contribution, how about Green history month?

    • Joe Canuski

      My thoughts, as well, Kevin. This entire event and story are as racist as anything I have read or seen. Unfortunately, the lap-dog MSMedia will continue presenting these racist stories and cover these racist event….and they want to heal this country….yeah, right.

      This country has become so racially divided over the past 5 years, due to the constant beat-down of whites by this administration and media that I doubt this will end well. Even FOX can no longer present the truth…..very sad, indeed!!!

  • L-3

    To both Kevin & Joe, both of you seem to be the racist in this situation. It is very easy to hide behind a computer, put in fake names, and slander anyone who stands up to equality. I on the other hand, say that tis was a great opportunity for different cultures to see the history of African Americans contribution to our country throughout history. You talk about whites being beat-down by our administration, maybe you should look into the mirror and see what has happened to a land as a result of you! Ignorance says silly things because they don't know any better, so apparently you are just being ignorant because no one has ever taught you about anything.

  • L-3

    Let's take away everything that African-Americans have done to benefit this country out of your homes, and we can then see how racist you are. Go through your home, throw away every cd, mp3, any music on the ipod or tablet, because an African-American artist had something to do with it. Don't follow any traffic signals in the city, because an African-American invented it. Stop washing dishes, taking a bath with soap, washing your car, mopping the floor, or even eating peanut butter, because an African-American invented all those things from the use of a peanut. Stop listening to hip-hop, rock n roll, and jazz, those sounds were created by African American. Quit watching Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, and golf because of African Americans. Sounds like a pretty boring life. to me? Don't blame others for your personal life's mistakes. Take responsibility for what you do, and quit blaming the government. Do you really think your representatives really care about you. Money talks, BS WALKS!

    • kevin

      Let me guess L-3 is your real name?? You left out contribution to inner-city crime. I did not know African's invented the peanut, that is amazing! If African Americans are soo damb special explain the continent of AFRICA!! Your so-called facts need a little more research, a little bit of embellishment there, speaking of B.S.

  • L-3

    If you want to know, L-3 is my NAME! Google it! As far as inner city crime goes, don't act as if white people don't commit crime! And yes, a black invented all this for the use of the peanut! So Tell me what you know if you are so in TUNE to my facts! Take that and find something to comment on!

    • kevin

      L-3 is your name, so momma hated you. Using your logic other races don't participate in football, basketball, hockey, hip hop (which is crap), tennis, etc. Africans did not invent electronics, washing dishes, taking a bath, or traffic signs, that is absolutely asinine only a fool would believe that. Look what the black political machine has done to places like detroit, chicago, new orleans and other area's of proportionate populations (Africa). Pull your head out of your ass & face reality, not one race in this country deserve's recognition for an entire month. Let me guess Alexander Graham Bell, Eli Whitney, Henry Ford were all black too. You are a true example of our urban education system. Do some research you are embarrassing yourself, no wonder you don't use your real name, WOW!!!

  • clord

    I’m appalled at the audacity “any person ”
    would take time to give a derogatory comment against any race. Lets remember one thing here… Like it or not, our white ancestors, beat, slaved, and impregnated a race that God gave dominant genes to. In our future it will be whites who are extinct. Our world will be balanced by a dominant race. Hail brown eyes! Hail brown skin! Hail equality!!! Just food for thought … From a blonde hair blue eyed white skinned… Genius!

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