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Man Jailed After Fleeing With Son On Lap, Fighting Deputy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MONTCALM COUNTY, Mich. — Sean Bylsma, 34, of Comstock Park, is in Montcalm County Jail on $5,000 bond and facing four different charges after fleeing a deputy and then fighting him Saturday night.

According to the Sheriff’s Department report, Bylsma wrecked his Chevy Suburban on Holland Lake Road in Sidney Township sometime Saturday night, but he wasn’t alone.

Investigators tells us Bylsma’s four-year-old son was behind the wheel, sitting in his dad’s lap.

Bylsma “told the officer he was allowing his son to sit on his lap in a field, showing him how to drive. That later turned out to be false, we believe.”

A deputy saw the damage to the truck and tried to pull Bylsma over, but the department’s report says Bylsma wouldn’t stop. He fled to his mother’s house on South Nevins Road, just a couple of miles away.

Once at the house, Bylsma got out of the truck against the deputy’s orders and went inside to give his son to the boy’s grandma.

Then Bylsma came back outside and found the deputy with his Taser drawn.

“The gentleman jumped at him and the officer discharged the Taser and what basically took place was a fight. Rolling around on the ground. This took place for several minutes.”

Michigan State Police eventually came to help. Bylsma was then arrested.

The truck involved was still in the driveway on South Nevins Road on Monday. The front of the vehicle was smashed in and an empty bottle of liquor was sitting in the back seat.

Court records show Bylsma was just released from prison on February 9 after serving 26 months of a five-year sentence for getting his third OWI offense.

Now, Bylsma is charged with fleeing an officer, assaulting an officer, operating with an open container, and driving with a suspended license.

Montcalm County Prosecutor Andrea Krause tells FOX 17 that there won’t be any child endangerment charges filed because there’s no evidence that Bylsma was drunk at the time.

The sheriff’s report says alcohol was probably a primary factor in the incident.

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  • beve11011

    He was just got off parole within the past couple of weeks for a 2nd stint in prison for drunk driving. He was locked up many times during his parole for drinking & fighting!This IDIOT has never had any regards for the law or rules. He thinks he's all that just because his Grandpa owns Grattan Raceway. He's more then an embarrassment to the family! Good thing he'll be locked up. His child may have not been physically harmed but what about emotionally. The child's mother was totally aware that Sean did not have a drivers license & also has a long ongoing drinking problem. Shame on her for allowing him to go with his father!

    • Heather

      Just an FYI… As his SISTER, he is NOT by any means an embarrasment to my family. Nor is he an idiot. He has never in his life believed that our family owing Grattan Raceway makes him any better than anybody else. I don't know what gave you the rights to speak for my family and tell people that he is an embarrasment to us, but go slander someone elses name. I will help my brother in anyway I can, and I will NEVER let someone talk bad about him. I spoke with my nephew. He is just fine. Shame on YOU for talking crap about someone you don't even know. P.S. anyone who would live with John Bylsma has some serious problems of their own. If you had any idea… But you probably don't, you obviously don't have the smarts to know a bad person when you see one. My brother is not and never has been a bad person.

  • b & j

    Oh that's for the daughter he has never even tried to father! Thank God she will never know him & FYI I do know Sean & have been witness to the many drunken fights he has started. He's ALWAYS in trouble & just like many people in his family has a serious drinking problem & him or his Dad are not welcome in our home because of SEAN & his never ending drunkenness & mouth that never stops flapping!

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