Red Flag Warning Issued

Man Charged With Exposing Sex Partner To HIV May Be Back Online, Looking For Dates

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Kent County man charged with exposing his sex partner to HIV without telling him could be back online, looking for partners again.

We uncovered a web page profile with his picture, actively looking for sex

By judge’s orders, Jeremy Merithew is not supposed to be meeting up with sex partners online.

However, activity on a dating website may indicate he’s disregarding those orders.

In August, 2012, Merithew was in Kent County Court, charged with having unprotected sex with a man he met on the gay dating website

Detectives said he didn’t tell the man he was HIV positive, which is a felony.

Court documents show as part of his bond, Merithew was to “Not engage in any activity on the Internet …. establishing sexual liaisons.”

This weekend a profile popped up again on the same site featuring a picture of Merithew fully nude.

The profile appears to violate a judge’s orders, in saying, “Looking for friendship, 1-on-1 sex.

“It`s pretty much straight up sexually explicit that he`s just looking for sex and that`s it,” said a man from the gay community in West Michigan.

The man we spoke with didn’t want to be identified. We will call him “John” in this report.

John said he contacted FOX 17 out of concern for the community.

He said he’s a daily user of the website and said he knew Merithew for a number of  years, even before he moved to Grand Rapids.

He said Merithew was more open about his HIV status back then.

However, now he says Merithew is not disclosing it.

“The safety of the community is my biggest concern,” said John.

Although the profile doesn’t have Merithew’s name, only his picture, it lists his stats which are a match.

His age is the same, height, weight and body type.

There are also sexual comments listed, one saying “Raw sex is the best.”

“In the community he`s just expressing his desire to not wear condoms,” said John.

According to John, there is also an area where a person can mark their HIV status as negative or positive. On the profile we viewed, that section had been left empty.

“In my experience, someone who has left that section blank doesn`t want people to know,” said John.

We stopped by Merithew’s home to talk to him, but nobody answered the door.

I contacted the Kent County Sheriff’s Office about the profile, detectives say they are investigating the new information.

“I don`t want the community dying you know,” said John. “My main concern is that he`s HIV positive and not telling anybody about it and is infecting the gay community of West Michigan.”

The Kent County Prosecutor’s Office says they are looking into the profile as well.

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  • diane

    in the broadcast last night there was way, way more details than i care to know. and this is not because it was homosexual details that i say this. it's because now there is an easy place to sound off. please stop the details that are not necessary in reporting, especially the sexual details. yes, there is sickness out there, but do we have to know so much stomach upsetting crap? repeated over and over? stick with the facts that are relevant.

      • LoyalFoxViewer

        Isn't it funny that after all this time, and all the effort people put forth for the equality of everyone, and still there are close minded people out there? It's not 1952 anymore. Times have changed, and so has the media. Get over yourself, and like JayDee said, CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Sometimes, its hard NOT to let the shortcomings of others bring you down, but I shall prevail.

  • LHale

    Gotta love our media – guilty until proven innocent! Did anyone stop to think that "John" (or anyone else) just might be behind the profile? I know it would be the first time anyone has EVER made a fake profile in someone else's name out of spite, but it could happen! But let's just make sure this guy's name is dragged through the mud once again. After all, if it wasn't him, there will be apologies all around, right? No harm, no fowl. SMH

  • JayDee

    This guy needs to be taken off the streets!!! Rather than spend all your time and energy fighting the citizens will(decriminalizing pot). Grand Rapids officials need to take this creep out of commision before someone else does.

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