Police Forced to Shoot Dog that Attacked Them

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.– A bizarre chain of events forced police to fatally shoot a dog that attacked them. It all started with a couple of teens throwing snowballs.

Officers say it happened late Tuesday night, on Rose Street near Division. According to police, a couple of teens were throwing snowballs at traffic, even damaging a few cars.

Officers arrested one of the teens. The other ran into a nearby home. Police say that’s when the homeowner let his dog loose. It started attacking one of the officers, and ended up attacking the owner himself.

More police came to help out, and when the pit bull turned it’s attention back on police, that’s when they fatally shot it.

No one was seriously hurt, but the dog’s owner was taken to the hospital and is expected to face charges.

The second teen who ran from police was eventually arrested.


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  • F*** the GRPD

    cops are the worst thing about America. I've never seen one instance of a cop doing a decent thing. Too stupid to go to college, too douchey to use their power responsibly. they shot a dog, good for them, what else is knew- police using excessive force. next time my cat scratches me why don't I just stomp him to death.

  • Respect

    Speaking of going to college…the correct word would be "new". Not "knew". College educated people know the correct grammar. Better luck next time posting a distasteful and disrespectful comment when all that seems to be lacking in this instance is discipline and respect. GRPD should not have to deal with other peoples' children and their obvious lack of parenting and discipline. Good luck with that cat.

    • unknown

      you're ridiculous. there are more college kids who don't know grammar out there than there are police who get boners from beating on black people. gimme a break with your stupid ass respect comment why would anyone want to respect a society this fucked up, or a person obviously as full of shit as you are? I think i have plenty of discipline, because i've managed to hold my puke back after reading these comments and realizing how much is wrong with this country

  • Unknown

    @F*** the GRPD – I know plenty of cops that have done great things for the community and know plenty of them with college degrees. Yea there are some that abuse their power but I would have done the same thing and shot the dog trying to attack me. I have cops in my family who are great men doing their jobs to keep people like you safe. So instead of bashing on them and calling them names be thankful becasue one them might be helping you out. Oh yea genius your sentence "What else is knew" there no k in new when being used like that. Who really needs a college degree douche bag?

    • F*** the GRPD

      What 'great things' have they done? Arrested a black man? Tased a teenager who was within his rights? And the police academy is not a College, it is a year long training program where they learn to be drunks. No Cop has ever helped anyone, ask the police department, they will tell you. They are not there to 'protect and serve' that is a myth from the movies. Their job is strictly to enforce laws- nothing more. They will leave you for dead if they cant arrest or fine anyone. An experiment – call the department and tell them your house was broken into and see what they say. Chances are, they don't care. IF they end up coming over, they will take your statement, leave, and never look at it again. Its too much work for not enough money for the department. It's a sad, sad, situation but its true. The Cops are just another gang.

  • buffy

    tend to agree with the first poster. cops=revenue collectors. Any GOOD dog will defend his property no matter if it's a cop or not; and cops SHOULD be trained on how to properly de-escalate dog situations. It CAN be done, especially with pit bulls. But then again I DO agree that cops should not have to be "policing and parenting" ANY child; their parents are supposed to know where and what their child is doing–check up on them and make sure they are not causing mischief. I hope the parent gets a good stiff fine and I hope the kids have to do community service–let them shovel some driveways the rest of the season. But my bottom line is a dog should not have had to pay the price for what the owners did YET AGAIN!

  • MichelleK

    I would agree with you Buffy but a GOOD dog and an owner that knows what they are doing and how to train a dog would also have control of that dog. Also it stated the dog turned on it's owner…no control there. There are plenty of Good police officers out there, you can't lump the good with the bad, just like you can't say ALL pit bulls are mean. I have never met a mean pit bull in my life, I have also only dealt with one police officer that wasn't so nice, all the others I have come across have been very nice. So I believe that everything was done correctly in this instance. A dog, no matter the breed, that turns on it's owner is a serious issue.

  • JayDee

    If the dog is attacking people,he had to be put down. The dog's owner should be held criminally responsible for the attack. Thank God there were no small children around because a dog like that could kill a small child quickly.

    • guest

      have you ever owned a pitt bull? They get such a bad rap for no reason. they are no more dangerous than any other large dog breed. any dog could kill a small child, but they dont. he was an innocent victim following his owners commands and being a loyal defender of his family.

  • F*** the GRPD

    Cops are not there to fucking keep people safe. They are there to arrest people, steal their money, and enforce every single Law no matter what the circumstances and no matter how chickenshit they have to be about it. And they love their job. What does that say about what kind of people they are. Also, I've played with my dog a lot and ive been bitten and i didnt feel the need to put 30 bullets in it. If a gang of douchebags was attacking your house and you defended yourself and your family (which in the dogs mind, he was doing) would you want to be 'put down'? if the cops cant subdue a dog without bullets how the fuck are they gonna subdue someone who doesnt want to be arrested? No, they were lazy, they didnt give a shit about the dogs or the owners or the teenagers or anyone who lived on that street so they decided to spray bullets all over the place. I was watching it happen, and the cops did not have to shoot that many times, it was complete overkill. Also @ 'RESPECT' and 'UNKNOWN' I Graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in accounting and then I went on to Cooley Law school and graduated with a degree in criminal defense. My phone autocorrected my comment and I didn't bother to correct it because its NOT A BIG DEAL. But its a tale as old as time, when losing the argument, attack the grammar. I am now a defense attorney in this city and i have witnessed police officers act like nazis too many times. It's not just some of them, its all of them, they are trained to act that way.

      • F*** the GRPD

        A collegiate education is not difficult to acquire in America, and there are a lot of VERY stupid people with college degrees. I was brought up lower class, seeing a lot of negative police action, and I decided to become a defense attorney because I was sick of seeing my friends and neighbors, who were all good people, being attacked and vilified by the police because of their race and level of wealth. I may not speak like a pompous academic, but neither do most of my clients. There's no point in trying to be someone that I'm not, and i feel no need or desire to prove my intelligence or credentials to you or anyone for that matter.

  • 2013worldseries

    F the GRPD, just where do you hang out all day that you have witnessed police officers act like nazis "too many times." You must not have many clients to defend if that is all you have to do with your time. Wow, that was quite a career change from accountant to attorney. Either way, your personality does not fit the proclaimed education or profile. I hope I never unknowingly hire you for any reason.

    • F*** the GRPD

      I was never an accountant smart ass. If you ever learned to actually acquire information that you read, you would have known that I graduated with a degree in accounting, which is a common major if you want to go to law school. Thanks for proving that you're not as ignorant as me.

      • F*** the GRPD

        Also, I spend a lot of time witnessing police officers do their job because many times I am the first person my clients call when they are being harassed.

  • brandy

    the police shot my dog while he was secured on a log chain. The bullet casings landed inside my home. they were there because I illegally parked in my front yard. The attorny and news persons I spoke to told me "the cops will lie". Nothing scares me as much as a scared person with a weapon. I feel sick and sorry for this family. My dog was not a pitbull. THere is a dog killing cop on grpd. I have seen the police reports. I lived on stafford ave. it was probably the same killer.

  • guest

    how did this whole thing start, kids throwing snowballs at cars and breaking a windshield. then cops follow kids tracks to a house where 2 men resist the cops. then a dog is let out and goes after cops, cops kill dog. where are the parents of the kids? do they have any idea what their kids are up to? who owns the dog and can't control it? why do all these people try to blame the cops for everything? what if the kids throwing the snowballs would have caused an accident that killed somebody? would the cops still be blamed? people now days have no respect for other people, everybody wants everything given to them. time to get a job and be responsible for yourself and your kids!!! stop blaming the rest of society for everything that happens to you.

    • unknown

      You never got into any mischief as a kid? Its not the parent's fault, if a kid wants to get into trouble he will, no matter how involved the parent is. There was no broken windshield the police report stated that one car owner claimed that they caused a dent in the door. The fact that the cops feel the need to get involved with something like this is ridiculous. Don't we have a bunch of murders around here? Drugs? Violence? And they choose to send 4 patrol cars to a snowball fight??? If I was their parent I would be upset with the cops too. and 'resisting arrest' is a laughable charge. Someone probably talked back to a cop who was in a bad mood and was surprised when he got a felony charge for it. If the cops had not acted like the gestapo none of this would have happened. Don't blame the citizen for reacting poorly to encroachment from the police. Too many people believe that the cops should be given carte blanche to do whatever they want. In reality, they cause many more problems than they solve. they turned this nonissue into 4 arrests and the murder of a dog protecting his family from armed intruders.