Former Byron Center Teacher Arraigned

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BYRON CENTER, Mich — A Byron Center man was arraigned on three charges of criminal sexual conduct.

Glenn Davis, 41, is a former math teacher and girls basketball coach at Byron Center High School.

He’s accused of having sex with a teenage girl.

“This is a felony. It carries with it the possible penalty of life imprisonment, mandatory lifetime electronic monitoring,” Sara Smolenski, the presiding judge from Kent County explained to Davis.

The inappropriate relationship is said to have started in September of 2011 and lasted through October 2012.

The district’s superintendent released a statement Friday afternoon saying, “This follows an investigation by the school district when knowledge of alleged inappropriate conduct was received.”

“To ensure student safety, the school district took action to fully investigate the matter and notified the Kent County Sheriff’s Department,” superintendant Dan Takens said.

On the phone Friday, Takens explained that Davis had exchanged an “excessive” number of text messages with a student.

Takens said Davis was told to stop but later on he continued to make contact with the teen.

Davis was placed on leave. He then resigned in November 2012.

That’s when , and “the Kent County Sheriff’s Department continued the investigation.”

Outside the courthouse, FOX 17 tried to speak with Davis` defense attorney to get his side. He said he had “no comment.”

When asked by the judge, Davis said he is married with two young children.

He’s being held in the Kent County jail on $30,000 bond.

His next court date is March 13th for a preliminary exam.

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  • Kim

    They need to keep him locked up. All of them!!!! The judges etc need to stop letting them out. THey will not understand or learn until it happens in their family. Laws need to be changed!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What he is accused of is wrong, but it sounds as if Lizetta needs to see a Psychiatrist to resolve her anger issues toward Men!

  • Blank

    This is the second criminal sexual abuse case involving a teacher in two years. A very unhealthy patter at the High School. Where is the leadership to prevent this? What is changing to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

  • Charles

    The only thing that will stop this is capital punishment. Putting great fear in those that would do such things would prevent more than what the current laws do. I suggest death penalties for child abusers.

    • Actual Lakewood grad

      You are a horrible person for even suggesting something so sinister. The justice system will make sure that the truth and justice prevail. You on the other hand, there is little hope of any intelligence or common decency will ever enter your evil and sick skull.

      What this guy may or may not have done is about to be on trial. Luckily, you've just shown yourself to be a terrible person in the court of public opinion.
      Maybe we will get lucky and you'll become mute and unable to type – so we don't have to hear or read your stupidity.

  • anonymous

    It is all the teachers fault. A 14 year old is not who this teacher should be going after. I’m sure he’ll get the chance to be the 14 year old when he get’s to prison! Enjoy yourself Glenn!

  • Lakewood resident

    It may take two to tango but when you have taken an oath to teach our children, you should be adult enough to restrain yourself or walk away. This is happening way to often and the children now days are much more advanced in their knowledge of per say relationships. Don't take on a profession that you can't handle everything that comes with it.

  • betty

    He is an arrogant scum bag and deserves what he gets. I'm sure that he used his power to pressure other kids into this as well. I'm sure that more eventually more will come forward. Hope he drops the soap and becomes the prison bitch.

  • BC Grad

    I hope he gets what he deserves. Absolutely disgusting and not suprising to many. His arrogance finally caught up to him. Leadership should have taken more action instead of just asking him to stop texting her. Such a lousy school.

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