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“Electronics Free” Weekend Trip Now A Search For A Missing Holland Woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

vandykeHOLLAND, Mich – Police are asking for help in locating 36-year-old Emelene Joy Van Dyke.

Emelene has been missing from her home in the 500 block of College Avenue in Holland since leaving for an apparent “retreat”, possibly in the Traverse City area on the weekend after February 14, 2013.

Police said VanDyke enjoys camping. They said camping gear is missing from her home and that’s its possible she left to go camping, but have no indication as to where she went.

Emelene was last seen by her neighbor and last heard from after sending a text message at approximately 6 p.m. on February 14 after she purchased a new car from a local car dealership and withdrew a significant amount of money from her bank.

Investigators are concerned about her well being because her cell phone and debit card has not been used since the 14th of February.

Emelene was last seen driving the new car she purchased a gray, 4D, 2013 Hyundai Accent

(very similar vehicle photo attached) bearing Michigan license plate CGE8162. Emelene has sandy blonde hair and hazel colored eyes is approximately 5’ 7” in height and approximately 200 lbs

2013 Hayndai

Anyone who has information about this case is urged to contact the Holland Department of Public Safety at (616) 355-1100 or the detectives at 355-1150 .

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  • Retired Cop

    I assume they are checking her cell phone records, emails and computer search cache to see who she was communicating and what destinations she searched.

  • pete

    i know emeline. ive known her since she was born.i babysat her.i was told they are checking her computer and everything right now.and that her cell might not even be with her, she said she was going away for a electronics free weekend her work has allready called asking where she is. wow i hope em is found safe.they are putting her story on the news i was told in jersey where she grew up in case she decided to come back this way,

  • Deanna

    If she didn't pay total cash for her new car, then that means there will be a car payment unless she has it set up using an EFT for her payment to be taken out. Wonder if there is any way for the investigators to be looking at that. Well, they probably already are anyways. Hope she is found safe.


    and they need to look into exactly how much money she had in her account and if the car is paid for and if she had enough…this man might have paid for the vehicle and no one is linking it to his missing so they are not doubling up looking for it in the area that his vehicle was found.. I believe they are togeather cause all of us cannot be wrong…or can we….?? stranger things have happened, I mean he stopped to see him mom, dropped off his son, and he was an attorney..???? hmmmmm

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