MDOT Will Invest $75.4 Million In Upgrades In 2013

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What Does MDOT Have Planned For 2013?¬†KALAMAZOO, Mich — The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will be investing $75.4 million in 2013 to improve 141 miles of pavement and repair 21 bridges in the MDOT Southwest Region.

The Southwest Region serves nine counties: Allegan, Barry, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph and Van Buren, which include 3,820 lane-miles of state trunkline.

The Southwest Region 2013 program will provide approximately $48.4 million for pavement repair and roughly $27 million to upgrade bridges to good condition.

“Our 2013 program focuses on stretching our dwindling funds to best preserve our vital roads and bridges,” said Southwest Region Engineer Bobbi Welke. “In addition, MDOT is able to construct the new section of US-131 around Constantine using federal transportation funding unspent by other states.”

Several high-impact corridors receiving upgrades this construction season include:

Allegan County

– US-131: $2.7 million investment to repave from 135th Avenue to the Allegan/Kent county line.

– M-40: $421,000 investment to add left-turn lanes at 141st Avenue in Fillmore Township.

– M-89: $102,000 investment to complete reconstruction between 12th Avenue and 8th Street in Plainwell.

Barry County

– M-37: $480,000 investment to repave from Hanover Street to M-43 (State Street) in Hastings.

– M-79: $392,000 investment to resurface from Barryville Road to Nashville Highway in Castleton Township.

Berrien County

– I-94: $15.5 million investment to repave eastbound lanes from Sawyer Road to Red Arrow Highway between Sawyer and Bridgman, and repair the Harbert Road bridge south of Sawyer.

– I-94: $9.5 million investment in 2013 and 2014 to replace the eastbound and westbound bridges over Hickory Creek in Lincoln Township.

– US-31: $858,000 investment to repair the St. Joseph River bridge in Oronoko Township.

– US-31: $231,000 investment to repair seven bridges north of Berrien Springs.

– US-12: $6.9 million investment to rebuild from Red Arrow Highway to the Galien River east of New Buffalo.

– US-12: $2.2 million investment to repave from M-139 to Mayflower Road south of Niles and Buchanan.

– M-51: $300,000 investment to realign along the Dowagiac River south of Pucker Street north of Niles.

Calhoun County

– I-94: $1.14 million investment to repair concrete from 6 1/2 Mile Road to 11 Mile Road in Battle Creek and Emmett Township.

– I-194: $4.5 million investment to repair the bridges over the Kalamazoo River, I-94 Business Loop (Dickman Road), the railroad, and Fountain Street, as well as upgrade freeway signs and replace lighting in Battle Creek.

– I-69: $760,000 investment to repair concrete from I-94 to the Calhoun/Eaton county line.

– M-60: $1.6 million investment to repave in Homer.

– M-99: $692,000 investment to repave and resurface from M-60 to the Calhoun/Hillsdale county line.

– M-294 (Beadle Lake Road): $346,000 investment to repave from I-94 to Golden Avenue in Emmett Township.

– Riverside Drive: $20,000 investment to repave under I-94 in Battle Creek.

Cass County

– US-12: $1.6 million investment to resurface from M-62 in Edwardsburg to Union.

– M-40: $900,000 investment to repave from US-12 to M-60.

– M-51 and M-62: $979,000 investment to repair five bridges over the Dowagiac River.

– M-62: $952,000 investment to repave from the Michigan/Indiana state line to US-12 in Edwardsburg.

Kalamazoo County

– M-43 (W. Main Street): $2.23 million investment to repair the bridge over US-131 and add sidewalks in Oshtemo Township.

– M-43: $412,000 investment to resurface from C Avenue to the Kalamazoo/Barry county line in Richland Township.

– M-89: $667,000 investment to resurface from Hatton Drive to 42nd Avenue in Ross Township.

St. Joseph County

– US-131: $40.7 million investment to build 5 miles of new highway around Constantine and a new bridge over the St. Joseph River.

– M-86: $1 million investment to resurface in Colon and M-60/66 in Leonidas.

– M-86: $519,000 investment to repave from Nottawa Street to Shimmel Road in Centreville.

– M-216 (Marcellus Road): $1.8 million investment to reconstruct west of US-131 in Flowerfield Township.

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  • Charles

    I've always been fascinated with journalists' liberal use of inaccurate words in order have attention getting headlines. Obviously integrity and truth no longer valued, as they once were.

    The use of the word upgrade is misleading. My first response was, "Upgrade…? They're going to upgrade instead of repair?"

    I don't think I'd last long as a journalist, I like to tell the truth.

  • Rich

    What about Kent County?

    I heard on B93 this morning they are resurfacing and redoing intersections from Breton to 96 on 28th st starting soon.

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