Hudsonville Man Talks About Friend’s Deaths, Warns Others About Heroin

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office says there has been a dramatic increase in the number of cases of deaths from heroin in that county.

The man who watched two of his friends die from possible heroin overdoses in his Hudsonville home is shedding more light on what’s happening there.

“First with Cory was extremely traumatizing,” said Blake Windham, Hudsonville resident.

It’s been a rough month for Windham.

Two of his friends died of suspected heroin overdoses in his own home on Stable Drive, just weeks apart from one another.

First he found roommate Cory Dykstra dead after he came home from work on February 4th.

“Cory was my absolute best friend for 18 years,” said Windham.

After going to grief counseling for Cory, the unthinkable happened again.

Saturday Blake found his other friend Jordon Bauer not breathing in his living room in the morning.

“To have it all thrown back in my face and find Jordon. My initial thought was not again. This can`t be happening again,” said Windham.

Blake said Jordon brought the drug over the night before.

After putting up a fight and telling Jordon they shouldn’t take the drug, Windham said he caved in and did it with him anyway.

Then the next morning he had to call 911 when he found his friend dead.

Windham says his gateway to trying heroin was prescription Vicodin, given to him in 2008 for a back operation and chronic pain.

“I had lower lumbar fusion surgery on my lower back and three to four years before that those weren’t working because you grow a tolerance to that,” said Windham.

When he couldn’t stop the pain with prescription drugs, he noticed his friends doing heroin from time to time and thought about taking it.

Blake said when you see trusted loved ones doing it, you may have the illusion it won’t hurt you or you are in control.

However, he said that’s not the case and at first try he was hooked.

“Whatever pain your going through be it physically or emotionally or mentally, it just curbs that,” said Windham.

Lt. Mark Bennett of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office said the use of heroin is growing in West Michigan.

“Our death investigations that involve the heroin overdose had increased dramatically over the last two years,” said Bennett.

“It is everywhere,” said Windham.

“I don`t know if it`s cost, you know, whether it`s a fad or just the availability is greater than some other drugs,” said Bennett.

Windham has a warning to those who think they can try this drug and not get hooked.

“To people who haven`t tried it or think they want to try it, don`t, it destroys your life,” said Windham. “It`s going to destroy your family`s life your friend`s life. They call it the devil`s drug for a reason”.

Blake says he would like to honor his friend’s memory by becoming a counselor in order to inform others, especially youth, about the dangers of drugs.

He says he is also attending grief counseling for the loss of his friends and is taking each day, one step at a time.

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  • Scott Maner

    Blake has been and will continue to be a drug dealer and a drug user, he is trying to make himself out to be the victim in this, he is far from the victim. But because his mother and father have money and can afford a high priced lawyer, he will get off again. This guy is on probation in both kent and Ottawa county and does not have a job, another lie told to the news. Blake does not work, lives in a expensive house paid for by his parents, pays no bills. Mommy gives him every thing he wants. Blake has no grief for anyone. He only looks out for himself. Now he has lost his son, the mother now has full custody, it’s about time. Wants to be a counsoler for kids? This coming from someone who has been doing drugs for years in front of his own kid. He could care less about kids.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! Well I can see the whole rich an mommy an daddy senario b/c I know some of those too, but I do believe in ppl changing or gettin another chance at life but there going to want to have it for themselves or u won’t succeed believe me I was never an addict but some of my closest loved ones have been or are…addiction is a serious disease! An believe me when I tell u i work in a neighborhood bar in Grand Rapids an I know an waited on at least 3 ppl who have o.ded an died using herion and there all from forest hills an northview areas so it is everywhere!!! An alot of this was affiliated with each other in some weird way I pray for all of this everyday an god bless those of u who have lost somebody!

  • Anonymous

    Oh by the way all 3 of those ppl died with in weeks or months from each other…I wish ppl would wake up an just get help its not worth your lives, and it’s not fair to everyone who cares abt u!!

  • Anonymous

    I think the first step to honoring the memory of your friends by not pointing fingers at one of them who isn't here to defend himself.

  • Anonymous

    “To have it all thrown back in my face and find Jordon. My initial thought was not again. This can`t be happening again,” said Windham.

    Three families are morning the loss of someone they love but it's so terrible that it was thrown back in your face….

  • Anony

    All I can say is I am disgusted…….look at him playing the victim. Only God knows the truth and if justice is not served here on earth one day it will be. If his parents continue to bail him out of every bad situation he will ever learn and they may soon be burying him just like these other poor families……such a sad and sickening situation.

  • Anonymous

    He is complete bullshit. Blake is a addict and always be. He got his friends hooked on drugs both his prescription and herion. When he is not doing herion he abuses his prescription pills. He wants to cry poor me try being one of the family members going through this tragedy. And as far as his story of trying to talk out of doing herion last Friday and it wasn't his the other man brought it is a lie and he is only saying that cause he is no longer here to defend himself. There are numerous people that know what kind of trash he is and hopefully someone comes forth with some evidence. I believe if he walks away from this some other family will be putting their son,brother or even sister to rest next. And what about that story of Kevin from Grandville who was doing heroine with his girlfriend and she passed away he is doing 7-10 for manslaughter. The same should apply here. You guys can keep doing your interviews with him but it is a waste of time. He is and always will be a pathelogical liar. This makes me sick to my stomach poor me poor me. I've heard enough

  • Sickened

    Yes, let's all point the finger at the deceased who isn't here to defend himself, what a stand up guy Blake is! And considering that person was not around when Cory passed away, who supplied it then? Seems a little fishy that the only common denominator in both situations was Blake…

  • husonvillefan

    I have known this family for years. Blake is a spoiled little brat who has never had to work a day in his life. The house was built by his mommy and daddy and he gets to live there for free. When it was first built there was a nightclub in the basement until the neighbors got sick of all the traffic. He got all his friends hooked on drugs and i know for a fact was the one who supplied them with heroin. The sick thing is after all that has happened and with 3 deaths he still doesn't get it. What isn't being reported is that the 3rd friend who was found dead in november had just left blakes house before being found dead. Of course blake is such a liar he probably died at blakes house and was dropped off somewhere to cover it up. Blakes mom and dad should be ashamed that they have allowed this type of lifestyle to continue. Just think, Blake's brother might be a bigger loser thatn blake. This family should do all of us a favore and leave town.

  • melly

    This guy needs rehab while doing time in prison. All addicts are pathelogical liars and nothing that comes out of his mouth should be trusted. Perhaps his parents should have really honored the memories of those dead boys by letting their kid face the consequences of his actions and sit in jail a while.

  • Anonymous

    He wants to help kids but can’t even keep his own! Good thinkin loser! Fox 17 instead of allowing him to make himself look like a saint why wouldn’t you call him out and ask him for the truth? He has now killed 3 people! I seen someone comment above and yes that is true, scholten was at Blake’s house and was found dead the following morning! He should be locked up for good!

  • H.W. Windham

    You shouldn't be worried about Lance sending texts and facebook messages about suing people. You should really be worried about ME taking legal action against this. My son Blake has dealt with drug abuse in the past and made a mistake by falling back into it again but he has been clean for sometime. I do not condone what he did and the decisions he made that evening with Jordon, but all you anonymous people need to man up to your words and be ready to defend your words and actions. I am watching as well as many others….my attorneys.

  • Henry

    That's the unfornate thing about going public with things Mr. Windham, you are setting yourself and family up for negative comments, and being lynched. Instead of getting on here and making a threat to make people's lives miserable, you should maybe make mention that your son is indeed sick, and he needs help.. we have a right to our opinion about the situation, and also about your son's character since he is openly discussing what's going on. If you're worried about a reputation, maybe you and your family should not be so forthcoming with your lives, even if it is the sound advice from a junkie to say no to drugs.

  • melly

    Sir, perhaps you should get off the Internet and get your son some rehabilitation instead of threatening people who are exercising their rights to the freedom of speech. Now is the time to teach this boy humility. You need to quietly deal with these problems with grace, not continue this rediculous blame game Publicly. Your son has a serious problem and this needs to end before anyone else dies in the home that you pay for by the sound of it. I also will post this anonymously because you are quite unstable by the sound of your message above.

  • H.W. Windham

    A general post to all you Anonymous children. Get a life……………. Next time show some guts and post your name and address so I can personally respond in writing to your comments. People with nothing better to do than make comments that are wildly unfounded without giving their names are worse than scum. If you had any balls at all you would sit down face to face and address the family you so easily accuse. You know nothing of my family certainly not of my wife or myself. Of course I suspect you will remain in the shadows since you have no honor. It's easy to sit out in the dark and throw mud. I would love to get your names and then I will show you what slander and liable will cost you fools. But I assume you have nothing of value to attach but boy would I love to make your life misable. Leave you name and number at one of my email addresses. I will make the time to personal call you and let you know what I think about your gutless post and what I plan on doing. Buddy Windham, the father, protector and a very very angry and very smart man. Try me. Please……………….

    • Anonymous

      Yet while speaking of "honor", your son points blame at a man no longer able to defend his reputation. And I suspect many people would feel better about posting their names if your other son wasn't sending out texts and facebook messages threatening to sue everyone.

    • tylerdurden

      Wow, such anger. So you put your family all over the news after such a horrendous chain of events. Your son in question all but blames saturday night on his dead 'friend' before his body is even cold and you seem to think there isn't going to be a negative backlash like this? Maybe Jordan's family would find your son's comments 'wildly unfounded'. You may be a successful man financially but you seem to be very naive to other components of life. There are more ways to measure a mans success than the size of his wallet. Sadly this was never instilled in your children and I would contend that a lot of their issues stem from that lack of lesson taught.

      So Mr H.W. Windham, continue with your bravado, bluster, and threats of lawyers etc…it's really quite boring *yawn*.. Especially for those of us who have heard this same type of ridiculous, pathetic, rhetoric from your sons for many years. If you didn't want this type of discourse about the incidents maybe you should've just kept your end quiet, you invited it. There's a lot of confused, hurt, and angry people out here who are trying to digest the 3 senseless and avoidable deaths of some really great guys. Your son is alive, be thankful, instead of perpetuating the same behavior that has drawn your family so much ire over the years.

    • get help HW

      haha…u start this dumb PR campaign, people respond unfavorably, then u tell them to get a life? what kind of pathetic, feeble man threatens to make other peoples lives miserable a few days after another tragedy like this? I'm sure your family has already made enough misery in the lives of these families. it's time to move on sir, you're acting like a petulant child.

  • melly

    Before you seek legal action, mr wynham, you may need to brush up on who is responsible when injury occurs on one’s property.

  • H.W. Windham

    Henry, Melly………………simply because you are afforded your right to express you opinion does not mean you are correct in any of the aspects. Knowledge is important in live, the above comments are attempts to degrade my family, my wife and myself. I feel certain none of the spineless individuals that have made comments know myself or my wife. Attaching my wife and I will simply not go unchallenged. simply will not tolerate it. I do not know anyone with the name Anonymous, certain that can make comments like above about myself or my wife. What my son did or did not due is up to the courts at this time. Since I can't find out anything yet I fail to see where your comments carry any weigh and validily. Remember slander and liable are both legal actions afforded to everyone under the law. The freedom to express slanders statements carry there own consequences. This is the point you need to remember.

  • Henry

    My comments do not fall under LIBEL or Slander. If your lawyers are indeed reading, they should probably inform you of such, nor, have I mentioned anything about you or your wife. Simply stated that Blake should look into some rehab as well as grief counseling. Is that really LIBEL or Defamation?

  • A voice of reason

    Are you that smart Buddy? If so, you should start by familiarizing yourself with freedom of speech. I won’t confuse you with legal jargon, but long and short, in the state of Michigan, you have to provide a false statement to win that case. I don’t see a whole lot of false statements here. Why don’t we take a cursory look over the statements, shall we?

    Blake is a junkie (check)

    Blake has been living in a house that is funded by you, with little to no financial responsibility (check)

    Blake STILL uses heroin (check)

    Your son is blaming the use of heroin on somebody who is not here to defend himself (check)

    Blake lied about Cory (check)

    There used to be a night club in the basement on Sable (check)

    Lance might be a bigger loser than Blake (debatable) (ehh….check)

    Blake has supplied his friends with Heroin (check) (100% guaranteed)

    Lance thinks he is in the mafia (check)

    When Blake doesn’t shoot up he abuses his prescription pills (check)

    Blake sells his prescription pills to other people (check)

    I challenge you to find something false in the above statements. I had sympathy for you until you

    came on here and started puffing your chest. I felt bad that Blake and Lance have ruined your family

    name and put you to hell in back. I no longer have sympathy for anybody with the last name Windham,

    never again.

  • husonvillefan

    Not hard to see where their sons get their arrogance from. Always thought Mr. Windahm was a smart man. He needs to open his f@#$%^&* eyes up.

  • George

    So sad for Jordan's parents and family today as they buried their son, brother etc… My heart aches for Jordon's mom especially, after losing one son by accidental death not that long ago and then another found dead on Saturday morning……May god wrap his arms around her and her family. Another sad thing here is that Blake's parents may find their self in Jordan's parents shoes if they do not seek the help needed for their son who has stated he has been using heroin "because of his back" well what ever ……..he obviously has drug issues that need to be addressed….. ..three friends in less that 6 wks DEAD from HEROIN……..something fishy here and does not add up……and to Blake's Parents WAKE UP.. before you lose your son too..

  • George

    My heart goes out to Jordon's family who buried their son today, may god wrap his arms around this family and friends. To Blake's family don't be blind-sided get your son the help he needs before you are burying your son.

  • Olga

    It is hard to read so many malicious comments about The Windham family. Whatever you people might think who lied about who, who is taking heroin or whatever it doesn´t really matter. What matters is that if you make your voice annonymus it doesn´t have any power because you are not braive enough to defend what you belive in. You might also want to think about the fact that the family is actually in pain because of what have happened and posting malicious comments just makes them hurt more. This in my eyes makes you look like small and very narrow-minded people that enjoys when others get hurt. And it is nothing to be proud of.

    Lance you don´t deserve any of this nore your family. I love you and pray for you and your family for things to get better.

    • rick trebilcock

      Shit, i see yall hating on one crazy connected Mother Fucker, Lance!
      Umm i wonder what my man is thinking…
      Dont know blake, dont want ! Yall hating on Lance, big mistake yall Cunts. 13

  • lpsa

    To everyone who is so quick to completely damn Blake and his family, remember, it takes two to tango and I'm sure his friends, although nice guys, were not perfect angels. It doesn't take a half wit to know how powerful and addicting heroin is. Each one of them knew what they were doing. I'm sure he supplied it but did he really force anybody to use it? We are all held accountable for our actions and I do believe Blake should be held accountable for his role AND seek the help he has needed for quite some time. He is obviously a sick individual who needs help but slamming his parents will not change what has happend and will not bring any kind of justice for the deceased. It is an extremely sad situation and there needs to be some sort of sympathy for everyone involved. Saying Kerry needs to fill in for Mimi? Come on people! Grow up already! Lives have been lost here.

  • rick trebilcock

    Shit, i see yall hating on one crazy connected Mother Fucker, Lance!

    Umm i wonder what my man is thinking…

    Dont know blake, dont want ! Yall hating on Lance, big mistake yall Cunts. 13

  • Lance Windham

    To the voice of reason, IPSA, and Guy Fawkes
    From Lance Widham
    Guy: I see your weak post! You better bring one hell of an army. You can call me anytime 616-292-7511. You think your the first to threaten me.. Who are you? Feel free to call me, Ill gladly meet you for a cup of T.E.A!

    IPSA, all I can say to you is LOL look in the mirror!!
    Voice Of Reason: You post like you know me, however i dont know you, but you still know me.
    To those with me on this, you will be rewarded intime, all others who have posted negitive comments about me, my son, or mother: LOL WELL…………… I laugh at your lack of a so called life!

  • Guy Fawkes

    Don't try playing hard now Lance. I punked you in HS and things haven't changed. I am and always will be much more well connected than you (mommy and daddy just don't pay for my lawyers to save me, I do my time). You are nothing more than a waste of time. I'm surprised your wife isn't here to fight this one for you.

    Haha, I remember the time Trevino socked your brother so hard in the gut he crapped himself. Good times. Thanks for bringing back some memories! LOL.

  • lpsa

    Let me explain since you didn't quite understand what you read. In no way was I bashing you or your family. I said there needs to be sympothy for EVERYONE involved. The post was to everyone with any kind of negative comment. So all I see in the mirror is a nice reflection.

    • get help HW

      I must have missed the rule where you can only leave comments that Olga approves of or else you may be in jeopardy of not having, or needing 'a life'.

      Listen you Windham sycophant, the commenters didn't start this outrageous PR gamut. The response is up to the reader. If you want to defend or support with anything substantive go for it. But realize you criticizing the responders is exactly the same as the responders who criticized the initial story. So by your own standards why don't you get a damn life then?

  • Truth hurts

    Honestly the world knows how horrible lance and Blake are. It's sad to see that his parents don't help there kids do better and send them to rehab if they can fund everything else except getting them help that is sad. Kerri is a great person and so is buddy. They take care of there grand children because there fathers can not.. I have seen those grand babies cry because they don't see there dads and then hearing about what they are exposed to and what they see. It is unacceptable. No kid should see there dad get beat with a bat and have to witness that. Both Windham boys need to grow up and quit putting blame on everyone else. Quit acting like father of the year. Lance really a tattoo of your son on your arm when u have spent maybe a year of time with him in the 10 yrs he's been alive. Your a joke. Blake your a joke. Neither of you deserve a. Breathe of air I this life. As far as the parents go u are great people and you can not control what decisions your kids make but you can stop giving and funding there habits. Fits the only way to save their lives. Be wise and help them get help. Otherwise you may as well start saving for their funeral too.

  • tough love

    Buddy & Kerri and anyone else not looking at the big picture….
    A Mayor's take on his sons drug arrest and battle with cocaine. This is exactly how parents should handle these types of situations.
    Your son still has an opportunity to turn his live around…an opportunity that 3 other young men do not, be thankful and get him help.At all costs. Stop bailing him out, let jail and the courts be his *rock bottom* before the dirt in his grave is. It may be the only thing left to save him.

  • Mike

    It sounds like this Blake guy and doctor kavorkian have a lot in common. People show up at hi house he gives them drugs then they die. Wow is all I can say because kavorkian went to jail for his crimes

  • Tammy

    This is so Sad to read all of this ;( RIP Scholten, Bauer and Dykstra) My Heart goes out to all the families that have lost there loved ones and My Heart goes out to Blake and the Windham family too. Blake is still with us however can you imagine he is probably wishing he wasent. There is a reason and I dont know Blake or his family however I highly doubt that Blake held a gun to any of there heads and said take this drug or I'll kill you! Every one makes there own choices and its unfortunate that this drug won the battle of abuse. I live close to this neighbor hood, alot of churches and christ followers. Really People? Pray for them as everything happens for a reason and its sad but the truth.
    Keeping you all in my prayers~

    • Anonymous

      4/23/2003 Lance Windham was the buyer.
      3/19/2008Lance Windham was the buyer. His ex-wife, Meredith, was the seller. (Divorce)
      5/12/2010James N Windham – Howard W Trust was the buyer. Lance Windham was the seller.
      4/18/2011Blake Windham was the buyer. James N Windham – Howard W Trust was the seller.

      My assumption is that Blake's father has already put in paperwork to "buy" the house back so if Blake gets sued by the families of the two men who died in that house, there won't be any assets to go after. But the Windham family has owned the house since 2003, and considering Blake hasn't had a real job in a number of years, I'd say daddy might have let him put his name on the deed to make him feel like a "big boy", but he's the one footing the bill.

      • justice

        I would really be interested in talking with you and hhstalk. Maybe we can right some wrong's????
        If you or hhstalk are interested in sharing your thoughts let me know via a reply and I will post an email address. I think it is about time the truth came out…..

  • hhstalk

    Blake used the house to market the drug to new "high end" clientelle. I personally believe his father knew what was going on in that house but turned a blind eye as long as he received a cut of the profits because all he really cares about is money. When this thing backfired in all their faces with two deaths from cnfirmed overdose they all colaborated their story to hide the actual drug activity. They are smart, I don't think they stored the drug in the house. My guess is that there is a small abandon property somewhere close by and that is where Windham keeps the drugs. I would check all properties owned or managed by Windham or their affiliates (i.e. trust company) within a 10-15 mile radius of the property. Mr. Windham is probably scrubbing out properties rapidly so I would continue to track and trace all his incoming and outgoing corrospondance,

  • George

    Don't blame prescription drugs. there are many, many people who NEED pain relief.
    In New York Nanny Bloomberg has already begin limiting the amount of pain relief he feels people suffering should be allowed to have.
    Are we going to let the sick suffer now because people chose to abuse meds ?
    That would be like trying to reduce drunk driving by making harder for sober people to own cars..

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