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16-Year-Old Who Was Shot In The Face Has Died

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

brandonGRAND RAPIDS. MICHIGAN — According to police 16-Year-Old Brandon Kuiper has died at Spectrum Butterworth Hospital.

Investigators say Kuiper, and five of his friends all between the ages of 16 and 19 were in the basement at a home on the 3900 block of Leonard Street in Tallmadge Township on Wednesday night,when a game of Russian Roulette ended with Kuiper being shot in the face.

Richey Usher, 18, has been charged with attempted manslaughter and felony firearms possession. On Friday, officials added the charge of manslaughter.

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  • Alice

    Because 16 is a minor and 18 and 19 are adults and as adults should protect the youngers, not encourage them to do stupid stuff.

    • naomi

      at 16 he made the choice and it should not be the responsibility of the 18 and 19 year olds to protect them. my heart goes out to this young mans family but at 16 he knew better

  • 2829

    I am not here to judge anyone I feel everyone involved in this is going through a lot of pain right now! I just hope everyone that as heard about this takes the time to tell their children or their friends that owning a gun comes with a lot of dangers if you don't respect the firearms that are in your houses! I have lot's of guns and I have 2 kids and they have friends over and I have a gun safe! But I always have told my children that guns can be danger's just like a car, lawnmower,sling shot, Air soft gun can be danger's as well, there safety rules put into place for a reason! As parents or as a friends you must instill the dangers that come about in life and with doing that you might just save a life or a accident from happening!

  • Nikie

    yes and we all know that but this child's family is going through enough without bitches like you saying shit like this. Do you think that the fact that he made a stupid decision makes this any less of a tragedy?

  • Kim

    Everyone is playing the blame game. Each of them boys knew what the outcome may be. I think they should all equally be charged. I just hope that all of you that have children, give them an extra hug tonight, because we never know what tomorrow may bring. My prayers go out to all the families involved in the senseless tragedy.

  • anonymous

    The issue here is that these young men didn’t care about the outcome of this game. It would appear these kids need some help finding direction in life so something else doesn’t happen in this group. Also some parents may need the same help.

  • Trish

    Idle time for kids always seems to lead to them getting into some kind of mischief, whether it is something minor or playing with a gun that should have been locked up some where safe. I am all about owning a gun, but there is alot of responsibility that comes along with it. My prayers go out for the families of the boy that was killed and the boys that will be walking around with that memory for the rest of there livesthere friends face being shot off, killing him right there, that second, no chance to say maybe this is a bad idea and lets do something else….it had to be/and will be awful for all of them and they learned the hard way to respect weapons, just so very sad ;*(

  • anonymous

    This is much more than a gun issue! The gun was not the problem it was the state of mind the kids were in. Playing a game like this shows some very disturbing behavioral issues and it needs to be addressed or problems will resurface in the future.

  • Bethany

    I personally knew many of the people that were there it was a complete accident yes i understand they shouldnt have been playing with a gun and the gunb had been emptied all but one bullet you guys should really ask people the real story and not listen to the news becauxse theyre only allowed to put certain thing in here brandon passed away today. i understand you may be sickened or disgusted but they were not playing russian roulette they were looking at the gun because it had just gotten fixed and theyre all old enough to know better yes but accidents happen and in this accident my fiance lost one of his bestfriends so before posting how disgusted and sickened you are about the kids and their familys think about how brandons mom felt and his friends who loved him and think about richard and how he feels because he accidentally shot his bestfriend in the face and is now facing 15- life in prison. You people are so quich to judge but dont think about how their familys feel…

  • an

    why are you all arguing the kid is dead for crying out loud could yall have some respect for him and his family they will be in my thoughts and prayers i know someone who knows him and he’s not in the best shape he was brandons best friend i feel bad for the family. I think yall should apologize to his family damn he just passed away!! you people really need to have some respect for others dead or alive not everyone is perfect you shouldn’t judge people you don’t know what he was doing that night media does lie alot you should all know that by now… R.I.P. Brandon

  • west

    It wasn’t drugs fault.
    It wasn’t the gun’s fault.
    It was every single person who was present there.
    That’s the facts.

  • Gail

    He didn't put the gun to his own head, he was shot by the kid being charged with manslaughter
    Prayers to his family and friends..R.I.P.

    • Gloria

      Curious Gail, how do you know that? I just think it is all so tragic. I also think that on some level if you put a gun to your head and pull the trigger that you have a death wish and its more suicide than a mistake. It is very disturbing and my heart goes out to all involved. Lives were tragically for so many in that instant.

  • Anonymous

    The news gets the facts messed up all the time. First of all, the original call to 911 said there was an attempted suicide. When the cops got there, they saw it was obviously not self inflicted. I think the kids all tried to change the story to russian roulette so save their own butts., trouble is, in russian roulette, you point the gun at yourself, not someone else. Usher was holding the gun, and pulled the trigger and shot Brandon. Plus the fact that Usher's mom and grandfather were there at the time. The mom at least should have known that there was drinking and drugs going on, and she should be held accountable as well.

  • Sarah

    You all didn't know the kids, so shut the heck up, I did. They are good people at heart under the influence of drugs and alcohol, we're teenagers, you all were teens once too, maybe doing drugs and drinking too, think about the words your going to type on the page before you post them they may affect others. Thanks! – Sarah Potter 16 years old Brandon Kuipers Ex-girlfriend My first love. My every thing to this very day.

  • mark

    If you read back to the other article about this event, it explains that one kid, Usher shot the other, Kuiper. In this game of russian roulette.

  • Cindy

    Sometimes Sarah you might be too close to the friends to see what we see from the outside, and under the influence is a cop-out, you are selling excuses, and some may but those, but most of us will not. If any child or adult thinks it is ok to drink, smoke pot, and play russian roulette than all of you need help. Parents and teens from this tragedy need to be evaluated. These kids were drinking in someones home – where were the parents? This is a sad and tragedic situation that did not need to happen.

  • emily22003

    its not his fault or richie's fault…they were being teenagers. and like brandon would say to me is "live life to the fullest" They were both my friends and i love them dearly. yes they were doing stupid things but look at this as a lesson and learn from it.!!!!!!!
    R.I.P. Brandon D-Hustle Kuiper <3

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