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Muskegon Man Pleads No Contest To Having Sex With Dogs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KURTIS PETERSONMUSKEGON,Mich. — 36-Year-Old Kurtis Peterson pleaded no contest to”crime against nature” for having sex with two dogs in his home in 2012.”The abominable and detestable crime against nature,” also known as sodomy or bestiality, is ordinarily a maximum 15-year felony.

According to court records two similar incidents occurred . The first happened in April 2012 and the second happened in early June 2012.

Peterson is scheduled for sentencing on April 22.

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  • becki

    but the real sad thing is he gets MORE JAIL time for doing this to ANIMALS than he would to a little KID!!!!!!!!! thats the real messed up part.

  • xxx

    too bad people do not know the whole truth about who Peterson is and that you can't always believe what is written in the media.

  • Friend of the Family

    Too bad this is another tragedy of the mental health systems continued failure. I feel so bad for his family and him. I am not saying what he did was not wrong but if he would have recieved the proper care maybe this wouldn't have happened at all. Shame on all of you for bashing him. AND Shame on the news stations for thinking this is REAL news. The real news story here is that the mental health system has again failed a young man Thank God he hasn't done anything worse.

    • Jade

      The thing is this; Even though our mental health system may have failed him- and others as you are so claiming. There are consequences for ones actions. It is not only morally wrong but it is illegal *imagine that one. Therefore it is necessary to educate our public with this kind of knowledge. There are others out there who have similar mental instabilities.

      Yes, there are always multiple sides to a story, however- wrong is wrong and right is right. Placing blame on a 'faulty system' isn't going to help him get any better. Acknowledging that it is HIS fault and none other than his to why he is in his current situation, is the only way he can truly get this so called 'help'- to which you are claiming our 'system' has failed him on.

      The news story here is a man was caught having sexual relations with two dogs and it seems to me also that he does not have the capacity to acknowledge his wrong doings.Not that our mental health system has 'failed us yet again'. That my dear would be a completely different story.

  • Molly

    I don't feel bad for him… He is a grown man if he didn't know something like that is so Nasty and wrong well then maybe it would have been better if his mother had swallowed him….

  • shannon

    why would u want him in jail for dont you know they allow cats in jail and prison now we will be hearing about him doing the cats next i think there is more important news then this obvisely he needs mental help not jail time

    • Jade

      This is the third occasion for him. He needs more than mental help and should be incarcerated for his crime. Merriam-Webster the word sociopath- but to avoid further argument sub in the phrase *and animals.

  • Amber

    Them poor dogs. Lord what is this world coming to? Some people are just so disgusting. Yeah i would definitely say that man needs some real help.

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