School Closes Due to Yarn

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON, Mich. – Western Michigan Christian High School closed down Friday morning due to “housekeeping issues” that involved yarn.

According to Principal Doug Doty, the school has since gotten it taken care of, and while classes were cancelled for the day, the school is up and running and teachers are doing a half-day of in-service work.

School will be open as normal on Monday.

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  • @KalamazooMich

    Thanks to your competition, I learned it was indeed vandalism: "School leaders at Western Michigan Christian High School discovered yarn strung around a variety of locations inside the school."

    I find it kind of incredible that this would be bad enough to cause them to cancel school. I would think maybe the kids might have to hang out in the auditorium, gymnasium, or cafeteria maybe for an hour at the beginning of school and skip their first class, but to cancel an entire day seems excessive. I guess the only good news is this is a private school, so taxpayers weren't ripped off by this. If necessary, teachers and administrators should also be involved in the cleaning up of the mess, to get classes resumed faster.

    Schools need to stop closing so easily (e.g. ), because it encourages students to find new ways to close school. Your competition reports that schools closed yesterday in Whitehall because "vandals let air out of the tires of school buses." That is a more legitimate reason to close school, but still should not cancel classes. School should be open unless it is absolutely necessary to cancel. If students knew there was no realistic chance their vandalism could close school, they would probably stop it. Implement a 2 hour delay if necessary, but don't encourage further vandalism by closing school. Unexpected school closings also greatly inconvenience parents, who have to find child care at the last minute. Further, students who depend on the breakfast and lunch served in school might have to go hungry for most of the day.

    • Anonymous

      The yarn was not the only “act of vandalism” on the school, if it were I’m sure the school would not be closed for the entire day. In previous years smaller senior pranks have also occurred and did not cause the school to close. In order to make up for the lost time, two previously scheduled late starts have been cancelled, causing the amount of class time lost to be only two hours. Teachers, staff, and administrators were the people who ended up doing much of the cleaning and then proceeded to have an inservice day as the article says. As most of the students attending WMC are high school aged I see no reason for parents to seek alternative child care at the last minute. Also, as WMC is a private school there is no budget for school breakfasts, so no student at WMC could have been depending on school for breakfast yesterday morning.

  • Jason Normandin

    Did the knit get caught? I bet some of them will be thread when their parents find out… Maybe they can make a bunch of scarfs with it and then all the students won't be so cold all the time!! Oh yarn, nothing was punny in that last sentence…:) Did you sew what I did there?

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