Battle Creek Police Searching For 2 Missing Kids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — The Battle Creek Police Department is looking for two children reported missing.

Officers told FOX 17 NEWS that the detective bureau is working to find Harmony Boyd, 3, and Hadden Boyd, 1. The pair were taken to a funeral in West Virginia late last month and haven’t been seen since. Police said the children were being transported to the funeral by Aaron Washington, who the childrne’s mother said was “like a father” to the kids.

The children were last seen Feb. 25. At that time Washington was driving a 2004 red Ford Explorer bearing Michigan license plate CNF 9789.

Battle Creek police told FOX 17 NEWS that no further details are available at this time.

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  • Thoughtful adult

    You let some guy take your two precious children out of state to a supposed funeral that you did not bother to attend? Those poor babies are only 1 and 3 and require constant supervision, attention, feeding, sleeping arraingments and personal care. What a foolish mother you are. I hope those two babies are being taken care of, God knows how much work it is to keep two little ones safe and sound. How could she just let them go like that?

  • shelly

    where does it say she didn’t attend? it said they were being transported by a friend that was like a father! i’m sure this mother is going insane with her babies missing . the last thing she needs is for people assuming and juding her! i’ll be praying for her childrens safe return..

  • Anjelle

    Why would you allow your babies to attend a funeral, they are too young to understand. Then you let a "like a father" take them out of state without, you!!!! I pray these babies are safe and the so-called "like a father brings them home!!!!!

  • guest

    ACTUALLY ANJELLE and "THOUGHTFUL ADULT" (lol) These are my grandchildren. How dare you assume ANYTHING. Apparently you are not familiar with the real world, where the news sometimes gets their stories a little messed up as they travel from station to station. I suggest you learn facts before you start saying things like that! Very disturbing to look at an article and see people like you and your comments. Our family is heart broken and scared right now, my daughter doesn't know what to think or do. How dare you!

  • Melissa

    It is very easy for people to jump to conclusions, I know I did while reading this short blub with literally no information except the kids are missing. Doesn't even state if an Amber Alert has been issued, which in most cases would be the first thing that would be done. I can't find an Amber Alert when I searched online either

    The whole vague issue of it is disturbing… it says nothing about if the kids were ever confirmed with this person who is now unreachable or not able to be found according to the vague report.

    I will hope and pray they are found safe and try not to jump to conclusions about what may or may not of happened. I am certain this has to be very hard on the family….. such an unthinkable situation the family must be going through :(

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