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Russian Roulette Prosecutor Calls Alleged Shooter “Danger To Society”

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OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. — For the first time since the death Brandon Kuiper, Richey Usher faced a judge Wednesday, officially looking at a charge of manslaughter and up to 15 years in prison.

Usher, 18, was in an Ottawa County courtroom for just three minutes, with only his lawyer at his side.

Kuiper, 16, died on March 8 after being shot in the face during a game of Russian Roulette between himself, Usher, and four other friends in a Leonard Street home in Tallmadge Township on March 6. Investigators say the six teens were drinking and smoking marijuana at the time.

Usher’s grandfather – who lives at the home – told FOX 17 the day after the shooting that Usher was the shooter.

On Wednesday, Usher’s defense asked Judge Kenneth Post to lower the 18-year-old’s bond from $350,000 to something more manageable for the teen’s parents to afford. The plan would be for Usher to live with his parents upon release.

The prosecution strongly opposed any lowering of the bond, citing – among other things – “the danger to society” Usher’s release would pose.

Judge Post denied the request.

Usher’s next court date will be set within the next few days.

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  • 2013worldseries

    Sounds like none of these children were using their heads. The only difference is one of them will never get the chance to say "Oops, was that a dumba## mistake."

  • CommonSense

    Minors with illegal substances and they want him released to his irresponsbile parents? Hmmmm, makes you wonder where this kid got his lack of a thinking process. apple not falling far from the tree hear. Momma must be soooo proud!
    Great thinking letting a bunch of underage kids party in your household!

    • sarah

      I was thinking the very same thing. Shouldn't he be released, I don't know, into some sort of home or at least any where [safe, far away from me!], but his parents'?

  • Jane

    All the kids were at fault here, this one is being singled out and I think it's wrong. The boy who died was a willing participant. Let the boy go home and be with his family, he has to live with the vision of his friend being shot for the rest of his life.

    • World going Wrong

      His parent's are idiots….and it sounds like the deceased kids parents aren't any better!!! I say let the parents take the kid's place in prison, he didn't purposly kill this boy, but his parent's knew what was going on and did not act like PARENTS….I say hold them at fault!!! If they have any money to bond him out, it should go towards his buddy's funeral expenses that that kid's parent's can't afford/nor care about because they'll keep spending their money on drugs and ask for donations from strangers to bury their child….watch!!

  • Christopher

    Jane, You are correct to a point. All who participated were equally responsible and one shouldn't be singled out. There is where your logic stops. Not insulting you. You believing that he will have visions of his friend's demise for the rest of his life only says that you have a compassionate heart and would do just so. I've worked with criminals as a profession and remorse is NOT a trait every human possess.

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