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Man Arrested After Being Named In School Threats; Has Criminal Past

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


BARRY COUNTY, Mich. –  The man who police say was named in a threat which resulted in the lock down of multiple schools Friday has a criminal past.

Investigators were still on the scene of the man’s Orangeville area home Friday morning where they found meth and marijuana inside.

FOX 17 News has learned the suspect is 50-year-old Michael Bourdo.  He was convicted of possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine and most recently possession of methamphetamine.  According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, the suspect is still carrying out a three-year sentence for the meth conviction.  All offenses happened in Barry County.

Investigators tell FOX 17 Bourdo was on drugs when an anonymous caller called police and said Bourdo claimed he was going to ‘shoot up a school’ early Friday morning which prompted school lock downs in Barry, Allegan and Kalamazoo Counties, including Delton-Kellogg.

Bourdo was taken into custody at his Bever Road near Orangeville on unrelated charges to the alleged threat, according to authorities.  He was arrested for being a felon with a firearm and operating a meth home while on probation.  A small child was also removed from the house by Child Protective Services.

Charges are not likely today, according to authorities.

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  • annette

    OMG.. this is blown up so big hell he wouldn't hurt a fly the person that turned him is was mad at him who know's if he even said it it is all hear say i know this man and have known him for years he is a good man he is a father and he would of never ever of said any thing like that..!!!!!!!!

    • Concerned Citizen

      Thank you to the person that turned in the "good man" that was running meth out of his home with a small child inside… You have to be kidding yourself… Never meant a "good" anybody that was convicted of crimes involving marijuana, cocaine, and meth.

      • russell

        and you lady are one big dumb fool . all you know is the cops could have made this all up oops thats right they dont lie what a joke you are concerned cittizin . cops lie worse then a drug head or a drunk .and before you say it no i dont do drugs nore do i drink or judge people i dont know

    • margie

      yep you say he wouldn't hurt a fly but how do you know he is a drug addict and on prob. with a firearm so sorry he get's what he deserves

  • cheryl

    Annette you must be a dope head to think this guy is harmless when he is doing drugs like that and having a child in the home on top of it all. then to be sick enough to even make the calls. even if he never did or could do the shootings he is sick to call and say he would

  • Jen

    Annette do you have any idea how scary it was to be at work this morning and get a call from my childs school saying it was on lockdown becuase of a threat!? When it comes to our children there is NOTHING that can be blown up TOO big!! Get a grip on reality lady seriously!!

    • russell

      wow you sure know how to judge a person you dont even know and i bet your a church person to you a joke to the humon kind

      • Concerned parent

        I didn't think it a joke to the human kind to be a concerned parent! Did I miss something? Did I miss where it became OK for these things to happen to our children? Did I miss where it was ok to have Meth and drugs in your home with your kids? Please elighten me……

  • russell

    you out there that dont know this man should keep you dumb ass mouths shut drugs or no drugs this man is a hard worker and i know for a fact he would never hurt a kid . you all blow this stuff all out of propotion but if he was a drunk and a theaf you all wouldnt say a word about so shut your dumb mouths up . dont run some one down if you dont know them i know this man well and he's nothing like you all are makeing him out to be __

  • Ellen

    Peoplewho judge others with out knowing that person is no better than the person they are judging…This man is NOT a threat to you or your children…He has a drug problem yes but he is not a KILLER!!!!!!…

  • bob

    Wow, what a statement about the area's education system (or the lack thereof). The spelling is as funny as the idea of a "great guy" with a criminal record, meth AND a small child in the home. Reality AND spell check must take a break when south of gun lake.
    Russell, (sorry for the grammar) "cittizin", 'nore" this is amazing, c-i-t-i-z-e-n, n-o-r…and how about this: (capital 'W" here)wow you sure know how to judge a person( insert period) you dont even know(what??) and i bet your a church person(what?? again) to you a joke to the humon(human???) kind.
    this next peice is really something :
    you out there that dont(do not) know this man should keep you dumb ass mouths shut drugs or no drugs(so if we knew him this would be acceptable for a child??) this man is a hard worker and i know for a fact he would never hurt a kid .(so being a hard worker is a free pass for meth as a babysitter??) you all blow this stuff all out of propotion(yeah, its only a little meth, we all like it, even the kids, as for the spelling of proportion…)but if he was a drunk and a theaf (thief) you all(y'all in kentucky) wouldnt say a word about(about??)so shut your dumb mouths up . dont run some one down if you dont know them i know this man well and he's nothing like you all are makeing( "I" before "E" except after "c")him out to be __
    another misunderstood individual, a slave to modern society and its mean mean rules enforced by the man himself. you poor people, whats next ?? a parade for him, a million meth head march, we are the 99%?? give me a break, obey the law, go to work, be responsible for yourself and your family. its that easy.

    if you did not think that a minor child in a house with meth, other drugs, guns, and a stand up citizen with a criminal record was normal, you might be upset about the POSSIBILITY (that means maybe) of the children inside being unsafe in any way.
    judging by your articulate (means fancy) words you, too are a meth victim.

    • frank

      That was hilarious! (funny) If it's still not enough; perhaps, we could post pictures next of children who have been shot or burned in a meth house.

  • Kentucky Rocks

    Well Bob, really you have such a problem with someones spelling, that YOU (the all knowing Oz) think that proves he is a drug head and dumbass from Kentucky? It just shows that you sir, think you are so much better then others. For you to take the time to point out all the mistakes and calling a person stupid because he isn't up to your high standards in grammar is showing how big an Ass__le you really are. And if you had took the time to read it and really pay attention, they were saying stop being the judge and wait for the facts. You think you are so high and mighty that everyone is below you. Well Sir I am from Kentucky and take offensive to being called stupid. Just because some of us couldn't afford college or perhaps had to work since the were nine years old to help support their family doesn't mean they are stupid. You R A JACKASS. So Is Frank.

  • Kentucky Rocks

    Oh and Bob, you forgot I before E except after C. See you are not perfect either. So buddy why don't you bob up and kiss our south of Gun Lake Asses.

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