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Rally To Save Saturday Postal Service

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich – Dozens of people are gathering in Grand Rapids today to rally against the U.S. Postal Office’s plan to end Saturday delivery.

The rally is called “Delivering for America” and the purpose is to save the six-day delivery service.

In February  the U.S. Postal Service said it wanted to switch to a five-day service to save money annually. The service is facing financial problems because of a congressional mandate that makes the service pre-pay for costs that won’t be due for decades.

The people at this rally are concerned that cutting Saturday mail would delay important household and business bills, invoices, and communications.

The Grand Rapids rally is a part of a national day of action. People all over the country will participate in a rally to send a message to Congress to save Saturday delivery.

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  • no name

    Who really cares 5 days 6 days? I to would be ok with one day a week. Most of the people in the rally probably work at the post office and just want to save their OT.

  • Don

    They are hollering about pre pay for retirement, if this would have been done in all public Unions and Government retirement funds City's wouldn't be Billions in the hole but like Most Liberals and all Politician's lets spent it now and worry about it later and thats how all these States and City's got in these messes and been spending retirement money on other hand outs as do the Federal Government with Social Security.

  • jim

    They are joking right? Who needs 6 day mail service accept postal workers? Times have long changed. I might buy a book of stamps once every 6 months. Who are they suggesting pay for the 6 days of service? Are they going to take pay cuts to provide this service? We could really get by with 3 days of service.

  • Bruce

    I vote for a 5 days service. Too much disappointment to get bills on a Saturday. Also if I go out of town for the week end someone might steel my mil or realize I am gone making me more of a burglary target. Lets put it up to a national survey and see what the public wants, not some one who is trying to keep government big.

  • Troy rhoades

    People still need 6 day delivery. They need the med that are delivered and business need there advertisements delivered and some of the elderly people we are the only people they talk to in the day. Cutting delivery would also be bad with all the men and woman that would be put out of jobs and that’s not what America needs right now.

    • kevin

      If it's so damn important why don't we have 7-day delivery? Or like when my dad was a kid delivery was 2x a day, why don't we still need that?

  • jim

    Troy? We don't need to borrow money to keep 6 day delivery. Or raise stamp prices AGAIN. That is just another tax. I am sure less and less people are using the USPS and that will only get worse as our beloved older folks, who are not as computer literate as young folks, move on to their next journey. Just like in the private sector, if business declines, changes must be made or the business goes broke. No one wants to see anyone lose a job, but we cannot not make changes just to keep everyone happy. Maybe all current employees can take a drastic pay cut in order to keep everyone employed based on the dropping levels of mail being handled by the USPS.

  • Mailman

    Jim, many of us ARE taking a huge pay cut. I'm a ten-year carrier, and I'm losing 20% of my pay in April thanks to a change in my job title. What I've noticed is that the public knows VERY little about the operations and importance of the service. I witness every day the people that would be affected by losing 6 day delivery, many businesses still get checks in the mail, and many, many people still depend on the postal service to run efficiently. Yes, I understand, the fact that you are on a computer commenting against 6 day delivery proves that you don't need it, but have you ever stopped to think that the people that DO depend on it don't necessarily have a voice online? Just because you don't need it, doesn't mean *everyone* doesn't need it. Why is it so hard nowadays for people to consider the needs of others when it comes to situations like this??

    • bluedawn1

      You are right. People living in the second most populous area of the state forget that not everyone has access to a computer. Also, people who grew up before computers were part of everyday life may not be comfortable using them. I work in a long-term care facility. There is only one resident I ever see using the computers provided, but everyone sends and enjoys receiving mail.

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