Where Is It Snowing?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


(WEST MICHIGAN) — The radar this morning is quite tricky as it shows moderate snowfall into portions of Northern Indiana and Western Michigan but where is the snow? Dry air is hampering any sort of snow from making it towards the ground despite seeing snow on the radar. The radar image actually shows what is in the clouds so it can be tricky to read especially when dry air prevents snow within the clouds to make it to the ground. As Meteorologists we rely on viewer reports and reports from automated sensors to help us have an eye at the surface when our eye in the sky is trying to trick us.

The WeatherBug network is really helpful as well, we can pull cameras up from all around the region to have a look at whats happening in your neighborhood. For instance this camera in Ligionier, Indiana was helpful to see just how far south the dry weather extends.


You can actually see the storm clouds in the distance on the horizon.

Despite the gloomy look of the radar, it also isn’t snowing in South Bend.


(Image Courtesy: Notre Dame )

You will have to venture even farther south before we start to see snow. In fact you will have to go just south of Kokomo to Sharpsville, Indiana where the snow is just starting to accumulate.


Snow will continue to stay south Sunday as drier air will be in place over West Michigan but as this storm moves off to the east winds will shift out of the northwest Monday and Tuesday bringing snow showers back into the forecast but spring-like temperatures make their way back into the forecast by midweek.

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