Owner’s Of ‘The Venue’ Devastated With City’s Decision

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WALKER, Mich. – Ajay Chhabra was so distraught with the city’s decision, he had to be taken away from the microphone by his attorney.

He said his business won’t survive not having a liquor license.

The Walker city commission voted 5 to 1 not to recommend the renewal of the business’s liquor license.

The vote came after 15 to 1 came out in support of the bar during the public comment section of the meeting.

The Venue operates as a restaurant by day and a nightclub at night.  Commissioners say it’s what happens late at night that prompted their vote.

Allegations of nudity, gambling, all outlined in a report by the Walker City Attorney.

But mayor Barbara Holt and four other commissioners said there was one issue they couldn’t look beyond.

The mayor spoke of reports of, “Serving alcohol to minors.  Those happened in 2011, 2012,  and 2013.  Those will reflect how I make my decision.”

After the meeting the bar’s owner, Chhabra told FOX 17, “I have no idea what I am going to.  I am very disappointed.”

Chhabra said he’s tried to work with the city in the past, to clear up any mistakes.

“We called the cops because minors were out drinking in the parking lot and they tried to blame me for every single thing,” said Chhabra.

Ashima Chhabra, the owner’s daughter said the decision will impact the family and the city, “You have just taken our livelihood.  You have taken everything we have.  We have built this business from scratch.”

According to the attorney representing ‘The Venue’, the State Liquor Control Commission will meet in late April to have the final say on renewing the liquor license for the business.

The attorney said historically the State Commission follows the city’s recommendations.

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  • SteveRomanow

    If the Venue was treated in a manner consistent with any other late night venue regarding these allegations I have to support the cities recommendation. Those are pretty srs issues. I was not present and I do not have first hand knowledge of the case. Were the allegations proven?

  • Tiny Toppen

    The minors take alcohol from their parents liquor cabinets, and sneak it into their vehicles, and they park way in the back in the STANDALE LUMBER parking lot. You can search the vehicles, and more than likely it is one of the 750ml plastic traveler bottles…the bar does not deal with plastic bottles inside. It is all glass bottles behind the bar! I have been there many nights til close, and the cops have rarely ever been called there. I have seen them there maybe once or twice, but not over 50 times like the supposed reports say. If you recall, the bar down the road called Shots had a patron leave there one night completely sloshed, got in their car, drove away, and killed someone on a motorcycle, and what happened to them for that? NOT A DAMN THING. I just think the cops have something against the owners of the Venue because it is the only bar in Walker to have a license for a dance club.

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