Remember the State Of The Union Last Month? Is Government Overstepping?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The President’s State Of The Union last month, he mentioned brought up the hot topic of gun control, demonizing the NRA.  There is much more to the NRA and Gun owners themselves.  In the days of drones and satellites millions of Americans don’t trust the government.  Let’s talk about what the founding fathers had in mind when the second amendment was crated.

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  • PrincipleNotPolitics

    The clearest, most concise summary of Obama's SOTU address & faux gun outrage. Your best piece, yet. I do love most of your pieces. Great job. #NRA #TCOT #CCOT #WeThePeople #ProLife #Breitbart #TGDN

  • Rick Kattreh

    Mr Mendte I enjoy your commentaries and tonight you hit the gun issue on the head. You summed it up better than what I’ve heard or even expressed. You’re the first one that I’ve heard actually come out and say what the real issues are. Not trusting the govt. I applaude you. Keep up the wonderful commentaries.

  • jsgriffverizon

    Larry, _Cudos…. You're one of the best "Objective" reporters out there…. This was one of the best very non-biased reporst that I've heard on gun control. You tell it like it is and I for one miss this type of reporting which can't be found today in the media…. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!_Keep on rolling my friend._Joe

  • craig carpenter

    You need to reread Amendment II which begins "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state… How can you interpret this to mean that this amendment is intended to protect the people from the government? Most importantly, who should regulate the potential make-up of this "well regulated Militia? In the past, government has ordered what this militia must have. Can it not also order what it can't have?

  • Den

    The gun regulation topic is an excellent example of the current lobbyist power in the US Congress. There are other examples, such as the prescription drug lobbyists, health care insurance lobbyists, and the right wing Republican Party that believes it’s better to be political obstructions to our Nation’s middle classes economic recovery, than to expect our county’s wealthiest individuals or corporations pay additional Federal taxes.

    Gabby Gifford and her husband are Republicans that have personally experienced the assault weapon’s power-It can be used on any of the unsuspecting public. They now support beefed up gun restrictions. These days, why does it take incidents like that to change a Republican’s views on these topics, like gay rights or stem cell research? Because, it has to impact them personally before they have compassion about this stuff! Money cannot provide the security that balanced political legislation can.

    I served in Vietnam and have used military style weapons during that service. I have no desire to own some of the weapons that are currently legal and on the market today. I do own a 12 gauge shotgun, a 38 caliber handgun and a 9mm hand gun for home security. I have never fired them at anyone. I guess my question is this: What weapons SHOULD the average American be allowed to own? How about an M-16, M-60, or an M79 grenade launcher? I mean, if we can’t trust our government, what are the limits to the weapons we should be allowed to possess? Extremism is not the answer to home protection or hunting in the woods. Let’s get real here…

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