Lowell Pair Who Sexually Assaulted a 15 Year Old Girl Sentenced

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOWELL CSC SUSPECTGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — 28 Year old Jonathan Crandall and his accomplice, 18 year old Jillian Lemmink were both sentenced today in the rape of a fifteen year old girl today in Kent County Circuit Court.  Both are being held and facing one year in prison and 5 months probation.

Police records say Crandall used alcohol and marijuana to intoxicate the fifteen year old girl when Crandall and Lemmink sexually assulted the girl, who was passed out police records say.

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    • Katie

      Unfortunately, you get more jail time for stealing someone's personal property than for stealing virginities or for taking sexual advances/opportunities that were not wanted.

  • Jenny

    Only a year for rape is not long enough!!!!! That poor girl will have to live with this the rest of her life and they only get one year. that is disgusting.

  • jenjen0703

    Only a year for raping a minor? This doesn't even sound right. That young girl is going to be affected by this for the rest of her life. Raping a 12-year old and a 15-year old should be THE SAME CONSEQUENCE. She will be still a minor when they are released. I pray that 1) the possible sentencing time is a typo, or 2) the judge will depart from the sentencing guidelines and will sentence them with harsher sentences.

  • Laura

    Mlive did a better job explaining that there was no DNA and that the young lady was in such an inebriated state, her memory on the details were sketchy. It sounds as though it was a He said-She said case. Tough for all involved. Big lessons to be learned here.

  • gr_slappy

    The live action versions of Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar were sentenced today in connection with the assault of a 15 year old girl…

  • Rachelle Dagher

    What the hell is wrong with our justice system!!!??? One year in prison? Is that a damn joke?? People like that should be locked away or killed. That's SO messed up to me. People like them are NOT right in the head and I highly doubt they ever will be!!! I'm in shock, one year..pft. but people get sentenced YEARS in prison for marijuana. How does that even make sense?

  • judy minzey

    I was outraged when they only gave 5 years to a man in Blackman Mi. for raping a baby and left her with 17 broken bones and head injuries. Why wasn,t he given life?

  • K. Truman

    In our great justice system you get a larger sentence for writing a bad check than you do for raping a child. This outrageous!

  • MonicaRaShae

    So basically, they're sending the message, that you can lure, intoxicate, and rape a (then) unconscious minor – and all you get in return is a year worth of free air conditioning, and heat, meals, and a roof over your head? Our justice system is SUCH a joke… but HOLY CRAP!!! Don't let someone write hot checks!!! That's a much worse offense – what the hell has our country come to… jeez…