Two Arrested On Felony Murder Warrants In Ottawa Co. Hit-And-Run

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

hit and runOTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. — A man and woman driving separate cars were arrested on felony murder counts Easter Sunday after police say they hit and killed an Ottawa County father earlier that morning.

Jeremie Collins, 26, and Maly Phongsavanh, 22, will be arraigned Monday in Ottawa County District Court in Holland. Josh Owens, 24, was found dead on Ottawa Beach Road across from the Itty Bitty Bar in Park Township. Owens’ friends tell FOX 17 that he was out celebrating his wife’s birthday with family and friends. He was crossing the street to get to an ATM to withdraw money for a cab.

Investigators say Collins and Phongsavanh were speeding when they came around the corner of the road going westbound. Both vehicles left the scene after the crash.

Collins’ Facebook status was updated Saturday around 9:00 p.m. – four hours before the incident: “Forever drunk!” it reads.

Court records show Collins has a previous felony charge in 2000 for breaking and entering, as well as a felony car theft charge in 2002.

Records also show Phonsavanh has no prior criminal history.

Josh Owens leaves behind a wife and three-year-old daughter.

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  • Mr Potato

    So sad this family lost their loved one and for no reason other then the stupidity of these two low life people who couldn't even stop. Hope "forever drunk" has a great life in prison, hope he gets many years along with the other low life. Prayers go out to this mans family and friends. Lets put these other two away!

  • Hollander

    I feel for both sides. I live in Holland and I know that exact corner. Everyone is against the drivers but everyone should drive on the street once. Wether your drinking or not you should not cross the street on a blind turn. Deff not jaywalk in the middle of the night. I fear it all the time when I pass Itty bitty Bar. Why? Because anyone can pull out of that blind turn from the bank. Its not safe. We don't teach our children to walk a crossed a busy road posted at 45MPH do we? We do indeed teach our children to use Cross walks for a reason. Clearly you do not mix Alcohol, a busy road, a blind corner, especially Jay walking. Now for the Guy and Gals, that was so wrong to not stop. They knew there was a bar and should of been more aware. Wrong on all parties. No matter the circumstances you have to stop. All completely all should of been smarter and safer. Its against the law to Jaywalk. Its against the law to not stop. 45mph is pretty fast and judgement while impaired can heighten the situation stating they were speeding. Its a fast road! I'm not trying to start any type of drama but just like how others are able to say things I will too. I'm sorry for the family. This all could have been prevented. ALL.

    • John

      And these people who hit him were completely fine driving drunk and racing? Oh… that's right… they didn't get "caught" drinking. 20 bucks says there are people who KNOW they were drunk, but like Holland cops would ever go out of their way to solve a crime. What's sad is watching so many people stick up for these ignorant idiots. I have walked out of itty bitty million times drunk. I have walked across that EXACT spot. People slowed down… because they were PAYING ATTENTION, weren't DRUNK, and weren't RACING.

      Vehicular homicide is what they should have been charged with and EVERYONE knows it. This little show of politics in Ottawa County won't last long… you better believe that. People are finally WATCHING!

    • witness&friend

      First of all, there is no crosswalk there, so jay walking is the only choice. Second of all, he was with another person who was able to get across the street and the vehicles sped up and hit him within seconds of reaching the other side. Third of all, theres an intersection light right at that spot and at that time of night/early morning, that light is a flashing yellow light, the drivers should not have been speeding up, they should have been slowing down NO MATTER WHAT because its yellow not green, it means caution not GO. Fourth of all, he was doing the right thing by getting cash out for a cab home for all his friends and wife, not DRIVING DRUNK like the drivers who hit him and took his life.