A Local Business Has Closed Its Doors After 67 Years Of Business

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Plainfield Lumber has closed after 67 years in business.

Some customers were unaware of the decision only to find out when they came to the store and found a note posted to the door.

The note said, “After 67 years we are sad to say we are closing our doors”

FOX 17 will have more details as they become available.

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  • mike m

    This is very sad they where great people Mike Fisher was the best . Will miss them, hope people know that we must support small business.

  • patchwork heart

    Plainfield Lumber installed a new sink & countertop for us several years ago. It was custom made but the measurements were wrong , so it looked like a mess. Never got any satisfaction from the store & never patronized them again. It's always sad to see a local business close, but can you blame us for never returning to this store?

  • Helen Omlor

    This is a very depressing sad day for us, We bought our snowblower there, took our lawn mover to be fix there as well as a spark plug for the snowblower. Deck nails, screws, wood they would cut to the size we wanted and taking a piece of lathe wood and framing it just right, rental power tools from them, always could help us get what we needed and knew what we always wanted. We would go in and say we need a nail or a screw for this purpose and they would always know exactly what we needed. It is the "only" place I can buy the big furnace filters for the furnace-the only place! Or even small light bulbs for my camper outside light. Where do I go now? Will NEVER get the service I got there-no were else will the service be as good. I don't want the box stores and I don't go to them as there so over whelming and no one on one customer service. I shop the "Mom and Pop" places to keep them going because that is where the customer feels like they are truly interested in helping them. Hopefully they will re consider and even down sized but re open on a smaller scale. I will be one of the first in there guaranteed. Mike, have you all considered that option? I pray that you do as we really need you here for us "old timers" that knows what makes the best place to shop-your local store not some giant store. Please re consider. It is a depressing sad day for a lot of us. GOD bless! Helen Omlor

    • Earl

      So very true. The big chain stores have their place ( like close out deals in the winter on lawn mowers or pressure washers and last years stock of snow blowers in the summer ) but the small local stores are always the best.
      They always give better service and the money stays local.

  • Julie

    been going to Plainfield Lumber since I was a kid. Was the only place I was able to get specialty keys made/duplicated. Sad to hear this.

  • Net Hammer

    It would be interesting to know what forced it's closure, Michigan hostile Business climate ( although that is returning), taxes, health care costs, safety regulations, environmental regs ?
    Sad day, hate it go. Good luck.