Holland Man Taken To The Hospital After Home Invasion

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Holland Latin Kings[1]

HOLLAND, Mich – 2 men are locked up right now in the Ottawa County Jail after breaking into a home and assaulting one of the residents. This happened in the 200 block of west 14th Street around 8 AM this morning in Holland. According to the victims, the 2 men entered the home and threatened the victims with a gun and demanded money.

The victims were not able to give money to the suspects. Then one of the suspects then assaulted the male victim.  The suspects then fled the home having taken a large screen television.

When the suspects left the home, the victims were about to get a description of their vehicle.  Which was pulled over on I-196 near South Haven with 4 people in the vehicle, including the 2 suspects.

The victims were able to assist in identifying the two suspects who had committed the robbery.  Both were taken into custody.  Also located in the vehicle was the handgun used in the crime as well as the television which was taken.

The suspects, a 20 year old Holland resident and a 21 year old South Holland IL resident, are now in the Ottawa County jail.  The suspects will be arraigned Monday Morning in an Ottawa County Court.

The male victim, a 20 year old Holland resident, was treated and released at Holland Hospital for minor injuries.

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  • sonnyboy1

    Another reason for homeowners to have a weapon. The 20 year old may not have been hurt and just maybe, there would be two less hoodlums around.

  • rebecca Miller

    Killing is not the answer. What is this world coming too.. Lets have more resources for people who are having difficulty and think stealing and robbing people is the only way to survive.

    • Home Owner

      Killing is not the intent of self defense.
      Defending your self and family is the goal of self "defense"
      It was the criminal who was aggressive.

      No one..NO ONE wants to be forced to injure another human, but when it comes time to defend the family or yourself from an aggressive criminal, you never know what the criminal really has in mind or how far they are willing to go.

      Home invaders don't care if you and your family are injured, they don't care if you go hungry, they don't care if your children never feel safe again.

      The old couple who was robbed and killed comes to mind.
      The responsibility belongs on the criminal for any injuries they may receive while invading your home.

  • tim

    ill tell you what this would have happened at my house there would be two less worthless thieves. I will protect my family no matter what.. we do not need more programs to help these people. They need to get jobs. Why would you want to help social parasites with free food and free money free places to live that is just riddiculous

  • Earl

    You are correct in a sense.
    We have programs for the poor, lots of them.
    That really isn't their goal. There goal is to take.

    They had a gun, according to the Holland sentinel, they don't care what happens to you, they really don't.

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