Severe Weather Awareness Week Kicks Off Today

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svr weather

(WEST MICHIGAN) — Sunday marks the start of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Michigan. It’s a week aimed at educating the public about the dangers of severe weather ranging from flooding, wind, lightning, and tornadoes. The week is sponsored by the Michigan Committee for Severe Weather Awareness, which is made up of professionals from the Insurance, Law Enforcement, and Meteorology communities. During the week, officials urge having an action plan in place for severe weather and hold a state-wide tornado drill. The tornado drill takes place Wednesday April 10th at 1pm. At this time the National Weather Service will issue a test warning, which will trigger emergency alert systems like sirens and weather radios. Many schools and businesses take part in the tornado drill by taking their students and employees through their own tornado drills.

More information on Michigan Severe Weather Awareness week can be found on the Michigan committee for Severe Weather Awareness’ web-site:

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  • Jennifer

    I can't hear the sirens at my place unless windows are open and the tv is off…. who would one contact about this? I live at 13 mile and northland drive ….

  • Larry

    I live near Forest Hills and Cascade roads. I can never hear the sirens.
    Welcome aboard Kelly. I am a long-time FOX17 viewer. Keep up the good work.
    Looking forword to all of your contributions.

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