Decriminalize GR Lashes Out At City Attorney For “Flip-Flopping” Position on Pot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A group dedicated to decriminalizing marijuana use in the city of Grand Rapids is angry with the city attorney for “flip-flopping” her position on the issue.

Decriminalize Grand Rapids claims that Catherine Mish has switched her opinion on how Grand Rapids Police should enforce the law.

Attorney Jack Hoffman said Mish has placed a motion before a judge that would require GRPD officers to enforce state law, which would mean stiffer penalties, for some of those using marijuana in Grand Rapids despite the public vote to decriminalize it.

The measure passed by 58 percent of the vote in November, making pot possession a civil infraction rather than a misdemeanor in many instances.

Decriminalize Grand Rapids supporters say the civil infractions should also apply to some of what the state considers higher offenses, such as a felony.

“The city executed a 180 degree reversal change in course,” said Jack Hoffman, attorney for DCGR.

During a press conference, Decriminalize Grand Rapids said Mish was working to derail the measure alongside the Kent County Prosecutor’s office.

However, Mish says the guidelines included in the motion that is before the judge are nothing new or surprising.

She says they are following the will of the people by issuing citations to those who possess or are using 2.5 ounces or less.

For amounts larger than that, and for those caught manufacturing drugs or operating a drug house, Mish says those crimes could be reportable to prosecutors and to the state.

“The city asked the court not to dismiss the prosecutor`s case, but for the court to enter an order that GRPD officers have a duty to enforce state criminal law despite the plain language in the charter amendment to the contrary,” said Hoffman.

Mish disagrees with the accusation her opinion has changed or that the motion she is presenting to the judge is anything new.

She said the city manager presented the guidelines in December.

“I don’t see it that way at all. The city has been very consistent since November….which was moving state law misdemeanors to civil law infractions and that’s what the city is trying to implement,” said Mish.

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  • Frank Maple

    Yeah, Catherine Mish has changed her 'views'; she has always been an avid opponent of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and has done everything in her power to dismantle it. In the video below, she encourages officers to "sit outside dispensaries and arrest anyone that comes out." She even traveled the state in what was called "the Michigan Municipal League" to preach to different councils across the state how to go about dismantling the MMMA and encourages prosecutors to 'appeal, appeal appeal' when charging sick and dying patients". I actually talked to Ms. Mish when I found out she was representing (and not fighting against) the city's effort to implement the Decrim law. She said, "the city hired me, and I will do my job to represent the people". Too bad that was a lie, Ms. Mish. I have no doubt she has been working behind closed doors with Forsyth, the county prosecutor to nullify the will of the people, and make sure the citizenry keeps getting arrested for non violent cannabis use. So, how do we get her removed from office? Anyone? Check out this video, Mish begins talking at 37 minutes, 59 seconds in:

  • guest

    evidently Ms Mish is only listening to the voices she wants to hear. If she were truly "representing" the people, maybe she'd take a toke and shut some of those voices up….i've heard it helps.