Missing: Gavin Vilchez And Renee Hunt

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ROCKFORD, Mich.– Two 17-year old Rockford High School students went missing after skipping class Monday afternoon.

According to the Kent County Sheriff’s Department,  Gavin Vilchez and Renee Hunt were last seen together on Atlanta Court near the city of Rockford at 1 p.m.

They both were reported to be on foot with their backpacks after skipping their fourth and fifth hour classes. Deputies said they are believed to be in a relationship and are in need of medication left behind at their respective homes.

Gavin is a white male, about 5’7″ and 150 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing dark clothing, a snowboarding jacket and a backpack. Vilchez has scars to both upper forearms and may have been riding a long board type of skateboard.

Renee is about 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. She was also seen wearing dark clothing and a backpack. She also has cuts on many areas of her body.

Kent County Search and Rescue is currently conducting a ground search for the missing students.

If you have any information please contact the Kent County Sheriff’s Office at 616-632-6100 or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345

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  • Heidi

    Wow Ray that's pretty low! Sounds like these kids have some issues and need their medication stat. I hope they find them soon!!

  • Jessica

    these to students are very close with me and my friend, they are putting their life in danger they need their meds that is what keeps them from any harm to them

  • cheryl

    I pray they find them safe and sound and get them the help they sound like they need. Anyone who says who care know matter what the story needs to think how they would feel if they were in the same place. what if it was U and we all said who cares. I sure a hell would not want to be your child or family needing help.

  • kevin

    They're 17, old enough to get married, go to prison, etc, they'll turn up. If they are so mentally fragile why were they not in an institution and alternative education? Rights are being taken away from law-abiding citizens due to the actions of the mentally ill, who is responsible are we learning nothing from the Colorado theatre shooter & Sandy-Hook??

    • Sarah Galassi

      Kevin; You obviously do not deal with the "mentally impaired world". We have to continually FIGHT just to get minimal assistance for these kids to stay in school. Yes, once they have been passed thru the system long enough, IF there is funding for an "alternative school"; they MIGHT get shuttled into one, IF there is room. Institution? There are no institutions; that is the problem! When government said, "No more institutions, no more "special needs classrooms", everyone MUST be "mainstreamed" it DID NOT provide any funding nor alternatives to the systems (problem ridden though they may have been) that HAD been in place. Now classrooms are overcrowded partly due to all these "extra" students; teachers are rarely given any "extra" help for all these added challenges in their classrooms and eventually most of these "mentally fragile" people just slide through the cracks….

      • angie

        also sarah,my nephew gavin is not mentally ill ok…he might be having some hard times and problems,dont we all… i pray that isnt hanging out with the wrong people…he is a great person and nephew…

    • Anonymous

      It is the stupidity of people like you that leave the mentally disabled, homeless & on the streets Instead of getting the treatment and help that they need. Try Reading a book before coming on this board and being hurtful and showing your stupidity. Maybe you’ll learn the true facts. The True criminals and violent offenders that Roam Our Streets and Fill Our jails and prisons Cells astronomically outweigh the mentally disabled that commit crimes. Your words will come back and hurt you one day.

    • Brittany

      Maybe if Rockford wasn't so judgmental, we wouldn't have so many suicides, runaways, or bullying. Rockford High School needs to be reevaluated

  • Joe Canuski

    Seems to be quite a problem in the Rockford area: suicides, attempted suicides, cutters, drug use, runaways, domestic violence…you name it. Something is definitely wrong in yuppie land….

    • guest

      You can shove your "yuppie land" up your ass. It doesn't matter where you live, there are teens everywhere that are dealing with these issues.

  • anonymous

    that's sad that the identifiable trait is cutting. isn't there something different they can use to identify? i wouldn't want to be identified by my scars… and yes, it's a difficult thing to deal with. the thing i'm thinking- they're in love, and wanted to run away together, so they did it. i'm sure they are fine. yes, they need their meds, but they are also together.

  • Kristina

    The first person who posted said "who cares", well let me tell you who cares, there friends and family's care… I go to school with these kids, I care, I have classes with them. So the next time you say who cares please realize that there are people out there who do care and I am one of them! Also you people talking about Rockford, honestly, just stop because you don't understand yes we all have problems but who the hell are you to judge if our problems are diiferent than yours!

  • Tonya

    Yes Kristina! Rockford is no different than the other cities. I have gone to school and have lived in Rockford for over 30 years and am proud to call this home and raise my children here. ALL: Please be respectful in your posts. These are loved ones to both family, friends and a close community. This ould happen to any of those close to us. Kind Regards.


    well ill speak for the missing teens 'if you all cared then you would have seen this coming" them leaving…….you only miss them cuz there is no one for you to pick on…..(hence the cutting of body) did anyone pay attention to their cry for help no u waited until they "disappeared to care" maybe it was a little to much to bare so they found each other and found out its you they didnt wanna be around……..i hope they call…..i hope they are ok TOGETHER but as for your interference …….it might be too far gone to rekindle cuz i see the pain in the photo yet all the professional posting saw it too…………Gavin Vilchez and Renee Hunt be well in your journey and hope you find what your looking for

    • Get Real

      I do not know who you are, however you are talking about my best friends child! AND YES SHE HAS CARED FOR HER SON FROM THE VERY DAY HE WAS BORN. Unfortunately he suffers from depression, a chemical imbalance in the brain…. NOT FROM LACK OF A LOVING PARENT!! You have no clue the magnitude of help she has sought for her child and the toll it has also taken on her, her husband and younger son!! You stated "you only miss them because there is no one for you to pick on"…. HOW DARE YOU!! They are wonderful, loving parents and despite what you think… He loves his parents with all of his heart!! I can only assume that you are dealing with your own issues and therefore are trying to portray them onto someone else for your own personal satisfaction…..how sad that you chose parents who are sick to death with worry about their children….YOU SHOULD BE ASSHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!

  • HeatherB

    Listen. These kids have parents who are in pain, wondering where their children are. We all need to keep an eye out. What else matters here….seriously!??! They both take medication and stopping any medication abruptly can have serious consequences and/or side effects. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR THESE KIDS.
    I raised a troubled, at risk, teenage boy here in Rockford as a single hardworking mom, in my tiny rented house driving my 12 year old leaky car. For those of you commenting and assuming that all of Rockford has a middle class income, think again. One of the challenges of this community is the fact that there ARE many higher income kids in school with kids like mine and as a teenager…that brings a whole new set of challenges….Keeping up with the Jones's. The ONLY thing that matters here is helping get these kids home to some agonizing parents. So…be a village….KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR THESE KIDS.



    • Angry at Ignorance

      You are TRULY a moron. You know nothing of the situations for either child and are clearly speaking out of pure ignorance. You have NO CLUE how much help has been given to these kids. Maybe you should blame the institutions they were placed in. Or the drug companies for meds that don't work. Or whomever you'd like to blame; because clearly, you're playing a blame game not based on a single fact, again proving your ignorance. Until you have all of the facts, I suggest that you keep your opinions to yourself. If you can't do that, at least don't hide behind a pseudonym. Post who you really are. I think you're talking a lot of crap because you can hide behind a computer screen. I don't think you'd dare say this to the friends and families of the kids in person. They would see just how truly pathetic you are.

  • kelly

    1st of all no one knows the whole story, I know it is hard to get proper help for your kids. insurance has cut back on everything I know the family tried to get help so lets just pray for the family and hope that the kids are safe and return home soon and remember don't judge if you don't know everything.

  • Mom

    Thank you, all, for the kind words. I'm her mother and I appreciate all of the well wishes. As for those who have nothing nice to say, just please ignore them as they do not know the entirety of the situation.


      i hope and pray they return as they left……..safe and sound but the reality is that something made them leave…….something a mother nor a father could understand(as teens believe) let peace be in your heart when they call or contact you or return……..

  • kelly

    My daughter knows your daughter, she is effected by this too she has heard nothing from her but if we do I promise we will do are best to try and find out where she is and let the police know for you. you are truly in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Chelie

    They are both on medication, therefore they both have family that loves them and did indeed hear their cries. But "help" is not a miracle – it doesn't happen in a split second, it takes hard work and requires commitment to a process. And that process is a struggle, for everyone involved. Gavin and Renee, please contact your family…. Let us know you are safe.