Man Charged For Helping Rodrick Dantzler To Get Gun Used In Shooting Spree

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
GRMugsJosephKrulGRAND RAPIDS, Mich — Federal court documents are shedding more light on the trail of the gun that Rodrick Dantzler used to kill seven people in Grand Rapids on July, 7, 2011.They indicate a West Michigan man may have been partly responsible for getting Dantzler the weapon.
Joseph Krul, 31, is now charged for having possession of that weapon before the shooting.
“The Dantzler incident was a long investigation,” said Jeffery Hertel, Grand Rapids Police Captain.
The investigation started after Dantzler shot and killed seven people, including members of the Herren family and his own daughter, Kamrie.
He also killed Kimberlee and Amanda Emkens and Amanda’s little girl, Marissa.Dantzler then drove through the streets of the Grand Rapids area, shooting at numerous people.He lead police on a lengthy high-speed chase, then crashed his car and took hostages before committing suicide.Although the man responsible for the killing spree was dead, there remained other questions surrounding where Dantzler got the gun.”The Question remained, ‘How he got a firearm? Why he had a firearm?’ because he is ineligible to have a firearm,” said Hertel.After months of close cooperation between the ATF, Grand Rapids Police and the US Attorney’s Office, the group discovered that the pistol was originally reported stolen from a homeowner in Kent County who legally owned the weapon.

New court documents indicate authorities believe Krul somehow had his hands on the stolen gun and was hanging onto the Glock Model 19, 9 mm semiautomatic pistol at some point starting in the summer of 2009 until the day Dantzler went on his shooting spree on July, 7, 2011.
Court documents indicate some of the evidence against Krul included an audio recording of an interview with him in July of 2011 and number of Facebook messages.
Authorities say Krul and Dantzler had friends in common and he played a big role in passing on the deadly weapon.”He is one of the series of people that we believe were instrumental in getting the gun to the suspect,” said Hertel.
Krul is charged with three counts.  Those include being a felon in possession of a firearm, using controlled substances and possessing a stolen firearm.
Hertel says justice here could help those touched by the crime to continue to move forward.
“I think the community deserved a full investigation on this, in particular the family of the 7 victims,” said Hertel.

He emphasized the three organizations, including the ATF, GRPD and Attorney General’s Office will continue to work together to investigate the case.

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  • xtina is a loser

    Christina gallant was his mistress home wrecker who works at the ymca in rockford where that coward worked out n she once said she wished he killed her. N justifies what he dis cause he was bipolar

  • lani

    Unbelievable, so if he had went into a store and bought a hunting knife and committed these crimes would you go arrest the store owner, or the manufacturer of the knife? Or how about whoever pissed him off that day to make him go on a rampage? Or his mother and father for having him? Well he did the crimes and he killed himself, nobody else should be held accountable for his actions but him! Are they arresting the officers whose kids pick up their guns and kill another family member or loved one? Well what is the difference they aided and abetted the children, not intentionally I'm sure. This is so not going to bring closure to anyone, it is a waste of taxpayers money, and totally absurd!

  • Ashley

    As the best friend of one of the victims this DOES help to bring closure. We have been through HELL since this happened and struggle to get through each and every day without them. That guy knew Dantzler and exactly what he was capable of. If he had gotten the weapon elsewhere then YES it would have been investigated elsewhere. If he went into a store and got a hunting knife it wouldn't have been an illegal weapon. Fact of the matter is, this man was in possession ILLEGALLY of a firearm that murdered 7 people. And that's a crime that he should pay for. And yes, we did deserve a full investigation. Every little bit helps to help us try and find a little bit of peace in our everyday lives.

    • lani

      Yes the man who did the crime did pay for it by taking his own life, the article didn't say that the man was friends with him it said they had friends in common on facebook. And it also said the man may have had the gun in 2009 the incident happened in 2011. Seems to me they are reaching for straws, and yes I am also a victim my son was murdered in 2007, so I can sympathize with you and NO there never was an investigation of where that gun came from so NO all murders are NOT investigated fully!

  • Lisa

    As a friend to someone that lost her family to this monster and to know that maybe if this person who should of never had a gun in the first place didn't hand it over she may still have her family, she and the other family deserve this and much much more, and the man who did this DID NOT "pay" for a damn thing, he took the cowards way out so he wouldn't have to answer to anybody. The article also did not say they had friends in common on face book it said "they used face book messages" of his along with a recording as the evidence against him.