Kent County Updates Road Closure List

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

lowell6GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. —

As flood waters recede, road conditions will change, and some of these roads may reopen.


  • 15 Mile from Stout to Shaner (impassable) access address 6610 from west and 6645 from east
  • 19 Mile between Penny and Force (impassable) access address 11385 from west and 11470 from east
  • Tisdel from 20 Mile Rd and 21 Mile Rd (impassable)
  • Mowry from Lehman to Tisdel (impassable)
  • 12 Mile Rd from Friske to Algoma (impassable)
  • Summit from 13 Mile Rd to 12 Mile Rd
  • Ashley from 5 Mile Rd to 6 Mile Rd
  • Nugent from 9 Mile and 10 Mile Rd
  • Gavin Lake from 6 Mile Rd to Crooked Lake
  • Friske from 12 Mile Rd to 13 Mile Rd
  • Mowry from Lehman to Tisdel
  • 12 Mile Rd from Northland to Summit


  • Canright & Briggs
  • 4 Mile & Briggs
  • Forest Ridge & Coit
  • West River Dr & Abrigador Trail
  • West River Center & Abrigador Trail
  • West River Dr & St Lawrence
  • West River Dr & Karcher Dr
  • Jupiter & Konkle
  • West River & Indian
  • Indian & River Point
  • Walnut Park & Northland Dr
  • Willow Dr & Bailey Park
  • Willow Dr & Canright
  • Shady Dr & Knapp St
  • Reeds Lake Blvd from Duchess to Manhattan
  • Reeds Lake Bvd from East Beltline to Hall
  • Michigan from Twin Lakes to Crahen


  • Vergennes between Parnell & Boynton
  • 36th St between Quiggle & Cherry Lane
  • 68th from Wingeier to Pratt Lake
  • 64th from Pratt Lake to Montcalm
  • 66th St from Whitneyville to McCords
  • 108th St from Morse Lake to Moe St
  • 2 Mile Rd from Alden Nash Ave to Murray Lake Ave
  • 4 Mile Rd from McCabe to Boynton
  • Pratt Lake from 68th St to 64th St
  • 68th St from Pratt Lake to Montcalm
  • Wingeier from 68th St to 64th St
  • Ada Dr from Headley to M-21
  • McPherson from Alden Nash Ave to Parnell
  • Jackson St from M-21 to Grand River
  • Grand River Dr from Jackson to Montcalm
  • Causeway Dr
  • Division north of Oberly
  • McCords from 68th St to 76th St
  • Thornapple River Dr from Fase St to Ada Dr

Southwest Complex

  • 92nd St from Ivanrest to Byron Center

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