Mother Upset Over Anne Frank Reading Assignment

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORTHVILLE, Mich-   A mom on the east-side of the state is outraged and claims her child is reading an unedited version of Anne Frank’s diary in school. The book, which is a different and newer edition than the versions usually given out to classrooms, features graphic passages that Anne Frank wrote about her private parts.

After hearing about what her 7th grader was reading, Gail Horek filed a formal complaint with the district, requesting that students go back to reading the more censored version of the famous Holocaust-era book.

“It’s pretty graphic and it’s pretty pornographic for 7th grade girls and boys to be reading.  It’s inappropriate for a teacher to be giving this material out to the kids when it’s really the parents’ jobs to give this information to students,” says Horek.

Despite the outrage, not every parent is against their children reading the material.

The Assistant Superintendent responded to this issue with the following message to our FOX affiliate in Detroit:

Thank you for contacting me regarding a concern that was raised with you relative to the use of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, a book used within the seventh grade English Language Arts Curriculum Northville Public Schools uses an established process to review concerns brought forth related to instructional materials used within our schools.  Parents are considered partners in their children’s learning and when concerns surface they are encouraged to communicate with the classroom teacher and building principal to resolve those issues.  If the parent is not satisfied with the response at the building level, a committee consisting of parents, teachers, media specialists, and administrators will be assembled to review the concerns expressed by the parent using the Citizen’s Request for Reconsideration of Materials Procedure.


Robert Behnke

Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services



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  • Andi Claus

    This mother really needs to learn what "Pornography" is. I would guess that she read "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret" when she was younger. That book has some very graphic moments. Heck, I read "The Color Purple" when I was younger than 7th grade. That book is REALLY graphic. C'mon people! Anne Frank describes her growing up, some of which is sexual. Every 7th grader I know has had those thoughts, probably far more graphic than the descriptions in the book. My 7th Grader has seen FAR WORSE on television at 7 pm daily!



  • Nathaniel Wenger

    You have to read that book but you cannot learn that idea. In school you have to learn anne franks story but you are prevented from learning wengerocracy through a book.

  • Chris Antoniou

    The mother in the news was stupid!! This book is so famous since it was published in the Netherlands on June 25, 1947. It was sold morn 40 milliions copies and translated more than 70 languages and it is widely read non fictions by the bible. Grow up people!! The Defintive Edition of The Diary of Anne Frank is only be read in High School and Colleg or read by yourself. I like the Defintive Editio better because it 30% more than originally published. And also, it has the helper's real names and Anna's classmates's real names. Although, it still not quite completed untill the near future when it going to be 100%.

  • Deborah Fisher

    I never cease to be amazed at the hysteria some people have when it comes to clinical details about our reproductive and digestive systems. And how old was Anne Frank when she wrote those details about her own private parts? She was NOT YET SIXTEEN YEARS OLD WHEN SHE DIED IN 1945! Ms. Horek needs to get a grip on herself. You don't prevent juvenile promiscuity by keeping them ignorant about the nature of their own bodies, and of the bodies around them. I wouldn't be surprised that her child learned nothing new from Anne Frank in that respect.

  • Early Cuyler

    Preach on woman preach on…. "I'm disgusted that this school forces my Alabaster Princess to use the same drinking fountain and toilet seat as the…hmmm…… you know,,, the less chaki variety.

  • Jimmy J

    You should be thankful your kid reads. My wife teaches middle school english. 120 kids where told to read and write a report. 38 of those kids turned in a paper copy/paste off of Wikipedia.

  • mike knapp

    I would like to know why we dont have separation of Temple and STATE.
    All this holohaux BS needs to go, or otherwise every tax payer funded holyhaux museam needs to open up to every other GENOCIDE that has been done on this earth. Especially the ones done by the Bolshevik joos that killed over a 100million mainly WHITE and Christian. Not one of these psychopathic murderers have ever been held accountable…

    Also Anne FRANK diary is a another joo sold haux written by two authors(one supposedly being her father OTTO, and the Levin , after the war when BALL POINT PENS were created.

    Our students shouldnt be made to read this made up fictional trash

  • P.L. Taylor

    No wonder the daughter is "uncomfortable." She's uncomfortable with the reality of sexual awakening in a young woman because she gets it from her mother. We shouldn't be editing and re-writing history and hiding the truth from children. By 7th grade young people have a pretty good idea of what sexual anatomy is. And these kids have the privilege of growing up and finding out more, having careers and families. Anne Frank did not have this privilege and to silence or edit her writing is tragic. We're not talking grade school here. This is junior high. Get a grip.

  • Carrie-Amanda

    Well I don’t think it’s appropriate for seventh graders to be reading an unedited version. No wonder what’s wrong with our society. Y’all are encouraging us teens that it’s okay to read this stuff and what not. America needs morals a revival of morals and virtues. (My humble conservative republican opinion)

  • Guest

    Carrie, get a grip. If you don't know basic human biology by 7th grade, there is a huge problem. If yourself or your parents are encouraging you to put your head in the sand about puberty, becoming an adult, making your own decisions, you're up for an awakening. When a young person using language such as: Y'all, and 'what not'…..there is a problem too, as Y'all and what not' are not proper English. I'm now shaking my head.

  • ItsAlloneBigLie

    Why were large portions of the diary written in ballpoint pen…before ballpoint pens were invented? Frank's father wrote it. The book is a hoax.