911 Calls Released For Missing Mother Jessica Heeringa

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


NORTON SHORES, Mich. –  The Norton Shores Police Department released a 911 call pertaining to the abduction of the missing mother Jessica Heeringa.

The call was from a man at the Exxon Mobile Gas station on E. Sternberg Road who said that there was no one inside the gas station at around 11:15 p.m. Friday night.

The 911 dispatcher asked the man if he yelled for the clerk, but there was still no response.

The witness said he was trying to pay for gas, but there was no clerk in sight. He also reported that there were two cars in the parking lot; one parked by the building and one Honda SUV.

The dispatcher then asked the witness to remain at the gas station until an officer arrived on the scene.

Other 911 calls from the Norton Shores Police Department reported suspicious activity at around 11:16 p.m. and assistance from a key holder or manager at around 11:32 p.m.

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  • MB989

    I'M truly sorry that this happened to this young lady. but let me tell you about another lady that has been missing since march 19th. she also was abducted, she also has children, she also has a family that loves her, but they didnt turn her story in to a national story, they didnt get the F.B.I involved, they didnt get the helicopter out for her, they barely put her story on the news. why didnt they do ALL this for LATRICE MAZE ?

    • slimedog

      You are an idiot! You BLACK people, which I assume you are, are keeping RASICM alive……let it be….and what the heck does do'n mean?

      • MB989

        did they send the helicopter to look for her, did they get the f,b.i involved, did they make her story a national story, NO !

        • Trusting

          im not trying to sound rude so please do not take it that way .. i feel so much anger in your post its not Jessica's fault Latrice Maze story has not been all over the news .. let me explain this the reason Jessica story is out there is because her family jumped up and started hanging up flyers made a command center for others to come help look for her and its team jessica yes people all over michigan that wont let her face or information go cold why is that wrong in your eye's now i have felt connected to Jessica Case and will do everything in my power to help look for her but something you should do insted of bashing how much expose jessica case is getting and not Latrice Maze case you could be out there handing out her flyers and doing events for this family to keep her information fresh i will be glad to share her flyer now that i know of her story

  • hvk

    Her story was on the Nancy Grace show….she was all over the news and other social media when she first went missing. This girl just went missing and she is now getting coverage. I am sure that both of their families want them home safe and sound…Leave race out of it, everyone else is.