Volunteers Getting Jessica Heeringa’s Face Out There

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

picNORTON SHORES, Mich.– They’re leaving no window or pole uncovered. A crowd formed in the strip mall parking lot behind the Exxon gas station where 25 year-old Jessica Heeringa disappeared during her work shift late Friday night.

Some on their way to work, like Andrew Heykoop of Eagle Towing, grabbed handfuls of posters with Jessica Heeringa’s face on them.

“We’re going to put the posters in all our trucks, give them to all our drivers and any customers we see,” said Andrew Heykoop. “Just make sure we get the word out.”

Many didn’t even know the young mother, personally. But, they felt compelled to help.

“Just heart wrenching,” said Cherise Sucheki.  She and her husband, Tony, have two teenage daughters that work late into the evening as well.

“They’re getting into their cars in the parking lot. It’s really scary when it hits this close to home.”

And now, with the abduction of Jessica as she neared the end of her shift late Friday night, the Sucheki’s are making sure their daughters stay safe after their own work shifts.

“They think I’m being too hard, but I tell then they’re not to go anywhere in the evenings alone with someone,” said Cherise. “And, my husband will meet them when they walk out to their cars by themselves.”

A mother, feeling a strong connection with another mother and family as they pray for Jessica’s safe return.

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