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Police Checking ‘Sex Offenders’ In Search For Jessica Heeringa

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORTON SHORE, Mich.– It’s been more than a week since 25-year-old Jessica Heeringa went missing from Norton Shores.

For days her family and investigators have been searching for answers, any sign of the missing mom. Now in their 8th day, they’re still not giving up hope.

Norton Shores Police chief Daniel Shaw says they interviewed at least 14 people Saturday and even added new members to the task force. Including some road patrol officers in Norton Shores that have even become temporary detectives to help out, doing anything they can to find answers.

They’ve had more than 1,000 tips come in and there are more than 50 investigators on the task force working to bring Jessica home.

“We have detectives as you know working on the video surveillance side of things, detectives working on cell phone data and the sex offender list, we’re going multiple directions at one time to try to cover a lot of ground” said Shaw.

The chief says there’s more than 60 registered sex offenders in Norton Shores, and checking them off the list is key. Fox 17 cameras even caught detectives talking with one of them today after a tip came in.

“Search out all the sex offenders that match the description of our suspect, cross-reference any that may have registered a gray or sliver vehicle, cross-reference any of the other data were looking for you know the height and weight.”

It’s just one piece to the puzzle they’re working to solve. Jessica’s grandma Diane Homrich said she even stopped into the police station Saturday morning to thank them for all their hard work.

“They showed us a room where all the detectives are working and so i just introduced myself and i said “I’m Jessie’s grandma and i said you know what i give great big hugs” and and I went around and hugged all these police men and by the end we were all crying.”

A sheer sign of just how invested this whole community is, in brining Jessica home, people still stopping by to offer support to her family.“Just the love and the care and the concern and the prayers from this community keep us going” said Homrich.

“We are going to find Jessica and bring her home to her family and then we are going to solve this case and bring this person to justice who took her. That has been our goal from the start and we haven’t waned from that one moment” said Shaw.

The chief says their focus isn’t just here in Norton Shores, many of the tips have brought them into other counties. If you have information that can help call Silent Observer at 231-72-CRIME.

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  • R Scott D

    Have you checked Google Map street view? There are pictures of a silver van at the station and behind it on Grand Haven road, parked alongside the road – right in front of the landing strip. — 5001-5139 Grand Haven Rd, Norton Shores, MI 49441 3.2 ft SE

    • kim

      There also looks to be a silver van in the parking lot of the Exon on google earth. Maybe a past employee?? Its parked on the side like the may have been working. Just a thought.

  • Natti

    Google maps, Google street view is not real time or even recent in most cases. Some of those can be over a year old. The street view of the Sternberg Exxon states "Image Date: August 2009"
    The map data for the satellite photo is 2013 whuch means it was taken in the last 4 months. The vehicle behind the Exxon looks more like a large pick up with a cab. There is a silver mini van next to the garage building to the side. It could possibly be someone who was casing the station but from that satellite photo there is absolutely no way of knowing anything

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