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Local Man Dies After 30 Foot Fall On the Job

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ROTHBURY, Mich. –  A West Michigan man died Wednesday after falling 30 feet outside an Oceana County business.

Deputies were called to Rothbury Steel, 2625 W. Winston Rd, after the man fell while working on the roof.

The victim was working for a contractor on the roof of the facility and was taking measurements and pictures of the work area on the roof.

The man worked for Shoreline Metal Fabricators in Muskegon.

The victim is identified as  Kevin W. Dilts 43 from Muskegon.

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  • LaLa

    Dear Lord…Again ??? Bout time companies start cracking down on safety gear. This just happened last year to my friends husband and he was a father as well. Actually, it will be a year next month. Sad. Prayers to his family and friends.

  • Again..?

    What the hell does "A West Michigan died Wednesday" mean? Nothing. Because you left part of the story out. Again.

    Is typing that hard? Honestly… Someone pays you to type these stories online, and not a single day goes by that readers can't spot errors just like this one. Whether it's the author, an intern, or a monkey that inputs the data into the site, the entire station needs to be reminded again that proofing your stories before you hit publish makes a lot of sense. Typos happen, sure – to everyone. This is beyond a typo. Again.

    Dear management at FOX17 and Tribune – you are paying this person way too much money.
    A man died, and they can't even type the lead line of the story without screwing it up.
    Unbelievable how there are educated people out there willing to work, but you hire this person.
    5 bucks says it's some intern that looks good in a tight shirt, otherwise there is no excuse for it.

    Ask yourself this – if a reporter or anchor were reading this copy on a teleprompter, would it make sense to people watching? "A West Michigan died Wednesday…" What?

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