Two Women with One Mission- Find Jessica Heeringa

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

 NORTON SHORES, Mich.- They don’t know Jessica Heeringa and they had never met her family until her abduction.  But, Leah Conley and Carrie Mitchell have one mission and that’s to bring Jessica Heeringa home.

 Mitchell says, “Everyday we are not only taking care of the Facebook page, but we’re making calls to different businesses that can help us, calling advertising, billboard companies, magazine companies – anything that we can do to get the name out there.”

 The two run the Find Jessica Heeringa Facebook Page which has more than 12,000 ‘Likes’.  They also organized last week’s candle light vigil and are launching a new campaigned called ‘One Mission-One Hundred Miles.’

 Mitchell says, “We’re putting fliers into sheet protectors.  So, you can pull up to the command center and we will tape a flier that is already protected onto your vehicle.”

 Their goal is to reach everyone within 100 miles of the Norton Shores gas station Jessica was abducted from.

They each have three children, Conley works two jobs.  Still, the high school classmates sleep in shifts, updating the Facebook page and working to spread the word through fliers and newspapers.

Conley says, “No, I didn’t know Jessica, I feel like I’m so close to her and I can’t wait to meet her, I think about that every night.”

Because Leah and Carrie say, they love Jessica and her family as if they were their own.

Mitchell told the family, “It’s our job to do whatever we can do to make things out there a little easier.”

The two moms plan to continue One Mission, working to empower women, teach them to stay safe and working to find Jessica. 

Conley says, “There’s so much hope that she is just somewhere and it’s just going to take the right person and the right time, and they’re going to find her.  That’s what I think about every night when I go to bed and every morning when I wake up.”

There is a fundraiser Saturday at the Little Brown Jug in Fruitport.  There will be raffles, music and food.  All donations go to support the search to find Jessica.

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  • Anna Burrows

    With the women in Ohio being found after all this time , I'm sure if we all keep our eyes open and keep searching… We will find here and the person who took her . Even if we have to search every inch of the state of Michigan or beyond …. Because you may run but you can never hide from the people who care and the true love of Michiganders …… You have messed with one of our own and a mother of a 3 year old to boot …. So you have Mothers of Michigan after you and you should be praying the law gets you before we do ……. Mother's Day is Sunday PRAY TO HAVE HER HOME WITH HER SON BY THEN …….. LETS ALL LOOK UNDER EVERY ROCK FOR A CREEP WHO WOULD DO THIS TO A LITTLE BOY AND HIS LOVING FAMILY……

  • George

    It seems as most of the crime in my town, that occurs near a highway, are always connected to Chicago or Detroit somehow.

  • Margaret Mary Young

    I am a native of Muskegon. I live in New York now, via Wash. DC. I saw this horrible news on my news updates on my phone the next day. I am saddened and horrified this would happen in Muskegon County! As a Traditional Catholic, I offered my Mass up for her and have had her on my daily rosary. This just sickens me. You two women who started the facebook page are angels! My prayers go out to the family. I pray for Jessica daily. I won't stop praying. I ask God to give her strength and to break free if this is possible. I pray she is still alive. God bless all of you in my beloved state of Michigan, and Muskegon. Sincerely, Margaret Mary Young

  • Paula

    Have you taken fliers to the truck garage (semi) put them in all the semis and have them take a stack with them to put in all the truck stops and give to other drivers they are out on the rodes everyday?

  • d rousseau

    wonder if the place that had the video of the van has any other tapes from days before where there is a better view of the van if it was going by then

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