Belding Students Caught Cheating; Risk Not Graduating

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BELDING, Mich. — A Belding High School senior spoke with FOX 17 on condition of anonymity.

Just weeks from graduating, he said he received answers to a take-home test for AP literature electronically, and so did dozens of other students.

Photos of the teacher’s answer key were sent to his personal phone. Now many students are in trouble for cheating.

“Some people are in deep water. I guess you can say, in hot water,” he said.

However, he and the principal said that the teacher gives students access to the answer key. That’s done so students can correct their answers, and they can re-take the test multiple times.

“You get to see the answer as many times as you want, but I guess if you take a picture of it, that’s against the rules,” the student said.

The student said someone took the pictures using their school-issued iPad and then students began to forward it.

Most students received the photos of the answer key on their school iPads.

The student said a substitute teacher randomly searched a student’s iPad, found the pictures, and then school administration got involved.

“They pretty much just searched all these iPads,” the student said.

Since then dozens of students, mostly seniors, have been called to the principal’s office fearing repercussions.

“It’s a challenge. We’ve also, our technology folks have been looking and been able to trace some of this which has helped us,” Brett Zuver, Belding’s high school principal said.

“But it’s too bad, it’s something that we hopefully can work through, and our students can learn from.

“[I’m] very proud of a lot of them. They’ve come forward and been very honest about it and realized that this was a mistake I made and really want to make up for it and put this behind them, learn from it and get ready to graduate here in about two weeks,” Zuver explained.

Darren Cunningham: “My understanding is that this could risk graduation. What, what’s the punishment for those students who have coming forward and for those who don’t, who will later, and possibly get caught?”

Zuver replied, “Correct. It’s kind of a big, everybody’s got kind of a little bit different level of involvement.”

“We’re trying to be as fair and consistent as possible,” he added”.

Zuver said a number of the students who admitted to cheating are being allowed to re-take the test in a different form.

Some students haven’t taken the test at all. There’s a lot administration is sorting through.

Zuver said there have been bumps along the way with the new iPads, but overall, they have been great for classroom learning.

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  • none ya

    Belding High admin is a joke! If anyone is interested look into who the Superintendent was last year and what that person is doing now & why. The school board needs to be thrown out and fully replaced, the system is rotten from the top with "enlightened" tards that feel they get to take any power they want.

  • Si Robertson

    At first I put the responsibility on the kids and the teacher, but the more I think about it the more I think that the responsibility is on both the teacher and the administration. The kids claim that this practice of being able to see the answers and retaking the test is common in this class- the statement from the student above tells me that the student believes that they are being punished for doing something that is not that much different from what they were allowed to do by the teacher….which he is right to an extent.

    At best, the methodology of the course was very poor and the administration did not pay close enough attention to catch it (making me question what additional things have been overlooked). Now, the administration must hold that teacher accountable for that methodology….and if they do not, then the admin must be held accountable by the school board.

  • MMon

    The teacher is a fantastic teacher! The fault is entirely on the children, and I assure you it is being blown way out of proportion. The way the class works is entirely ran through independence, because it is an A.P. course. The class is made up of mostly seniors, a very responsible and sophisticated group of kids. The teacher is not at fault what so ever. The kid took a picture of an answer key, that is supplied to them after they take tests on a normal basis, then emailed it to numerous other. Thus causing the whole dilemma.

  • BeeQ

    Ironically, this article about cheating in an AP literature class is riddled with errors in basic sentence structure. It was painful to read on several levels. I would have to agree with starting at the top to correct the problem. The administration is steering the ship and have allowed it to drift way off course.