Emotional Mother’s Day For Jessica Heeringa’s Family

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORTON SHORES, Mich.– Jessica Heeringa’s family says she would do anything for her son. Always putting him first no matter what. It’s why Sunday, Mothers Day was a little harder than all the rest over the past two weeks.

For the first time Jessica’s family wasn’t at the command post, in the parking lot across from the gas station. Instead they spent time together as a family and that’s exactly what they wanted everyone else to do.

Jessica’s grandma Diane Homrich says “hug your daughters, your grand daughters, your nieces, your nephews and tell them how much you appreciate them because it could have happened to anybody.”

Jessica’s family has worked day in and day out, passing out flyers, doing whatever they can to bring her home. Sunday though, they knew would be tough and reality harder to ignore so instead they got together at Jessica’s grandparents.

“Give us a little down time and a chance to talk about what we’re going to do in the next few weeks and also celebrate Jessica in our way.”

Homrich says when Jessica is with her son Zevyn, she just turns into a kid herself. She’ll never forget the day in the hospital when he was born. “She said “ya know grandma this is the happiest day of my life” and it was, she would do anything for that little boy.”

A little boy now starting to ask questions, the hard part, what do you tell him? “Of course he wants to know where mommy is now all the time. She used to sing him a little ‘diddy’ before he went to sleep at night and although we tell him she’s working or she’s shopping we really feel he’s starting to want to know more.”

At just three there’s no right answer, besides having her home, making new memories, just exactly what they should be doing this Mothers Day.

Investigators are gearing up for another busy week, dedicating their 3rd full week to the search for Jessica. Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw says they are also hoping to add a Michigan State Police profile team to the investigation as well.

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  • Scherzerfan

    What a horrible nightmare for this family. Hopefully, they will awaken to a happy ending. I really hope that the rotten SOB that is responsible for this answers for causing all of this misery.

    • Ines

      I live in Florida I have a family my son now 50 was abducted just in front of my eyes when he was 4 years old He was an arm distance from me A woman grabbed his arm and ran Thanks God she couldn't go too far because I was screaming and running after her and was stopped for costumers in the store. He left my son and dissappeared
      I was a young woman Jessica's age and able to run fast .
      Until today when I recall that moment I get chills I advise my children never leave your children unattended one second also I have been telling them don't walk alone in parking lots and any other place by themselves I know what this family is suffering My family and I are praying for Jessica God listen to the prayers and retun Jessica to her family

      • ToddS

        How scared you must have been, so lucky it turned out as it did. You are absolutely right about leaving children alone. I think there should be a mandatory self defense class taught in the schools. Everyone should have knowledge of these tactics. Don't want until something happens to someone in the community to think about the importance of this. They have key ring sirens and mace, children and adults need to be prepared to react in case something does occur. Tai Chi, which is very good for people and practiced by many everyday in Asia, can also serve as a self defense. I also think more cameras in the areas around the schools would be a good idea. It's really too bad their were not working cameras at the gas station. I would bet the kidnapper new they were not working.

        This is an epidemic, we need to begin treating it as such. So many go missing every month and year. We must do more to combat these crimes. I do hope they find this slime and Jessica is OK. She and her family remain in my prayers. I believe she will come home safe. Everyone give your loved ones an extra hug and an I love you. Stay safe all.

        • Ines

          As I said that happened with my son now 50 My daughter has a toddler 3 years old as Jessica's son She has been praying for Jessica as well and I would like you listen to Lucas my grandson saying a prayer and at the end he says for Jessica.and his son I don't think God will ignore this innocent prayer And sure He is listening and will return Jessica to her son
          My daughter is a black bet aikido extremely active that helps Do you think is enough ? no for me I am not paranoid but I read how many women and kids disappear every day She avoids going to the malls alone at night We are always watching So I agree it is very important to have knowledge of self defense and be extremely alert all the time Enjoy your life but be very careful It is incredible what is happening in the world I think you are right about her boyfriend but ……My older grandkids are in college and I always tell them don't go outside alone al night enjoy your life but be very careful Well I think Jessica will be back keep praying

  • Ines

    Her fiancée is not an even person of interest but his comments are extremely heartless On top of that why Jessica didn't have the cell with her He was doing nothing because was not working? He never though that he should go to pick up his wife at work because she was working a late shift an extra hours to support him? What he was doing at home or playing pool while this beautiful girl was alone unprotective and without a cell ? I don't get it Maybe I am different but I have seen many husbands or parents going to pick up their relatives working late shifts in safe places Very selfish or something else

    • ToddS

      Well one would assume he wasn't too concerned with crime in their smaller community and saw her as a anself assured independent gal and able to take care of herself. None the less I echo your sentiments, as I've always been extra protective of my loved ones, so I do see your point.

    • ann

      What’s even worse is him(her fiance) being spotted at the strip club somewhere around a week after she went missing. I’m praying for her safe return.

      • Ines

        supposedly was having fun with the little one? playing pool and also he didn't notify the family until the next morning a costumer called 911 because he was concerned Did he called Jessica to check if she was leaving at 1100 PM closing the business and alone What make him think that she wasn't at risk? A young and beautiful girl in a shop close to a highway without protection He never though that Jessica didn't have communication in case of an accident? Honestly I don't believe in his tears or concern for Jessica Poor Jessica working hard for her fiancee

    • Lissa

      I don't know about the things in the other replies but perhaps he was home with their child. I wouldn't expect my husband to drag my young children out to pick me up from work every night. Especially in Michigan weather. The strip club sounds like a potential rumor to me. It's hard not knowing and too easy to place blame on the wrong people. We don't know his heart and from what I've seen I believe in his concern. She was working in a vulnerable position but as we often do we don't think something like that would happen to us, especially as an adult. Plus before this people living in that community probably thought it was a safe place but like your experience with your own son we should never take our safety for granted. I read they shared a cell phone so she could have left it home to be able to call him from the store phone if that were their only phone. She was working hard for her family(not just fiance), whether he was a stay at home dad or not has nothing to do with anything. I am praying for Jessica's safe return and that they catch the sick perp who is responsible.

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