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Daughter of Latrice Maze Not Allowed to Attend Memorial

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- A memorial is planned on Saturday to honor a mother of five who is presumed to have been murdered.  Police believe Latrice Maze was killed by her boyfriend, Jahleel Hoskins, who is now behind bars.

Investigators say Latrice’s body was likely thrown in a dumpster and then incinerated.

Relatives want one of Latrice’s daughter’s, Marihya, to attend her mother’s memorial.  But, the young girl is in foster care and has serious medical conditions.  So serious, doctors say contracting the slightest cough or cold could be fatal.  Therefore, she’s not cleared to go.

Family members are protesting the decision, they even gathered in Grand Rapids to make their voices heard.

Kenneth Harris, Marihya’s father, says, “Let my daughter come be there for her family and for her mother one last time.”  He says losing Latrice is the hardest thing he’s ever had to deal with.

Harris tells us, “She was born with a heart and lung disease where she has to breathe through a trach (tracheotomy) in her neck.”

The foster care manager says Marihya can’t go to her mother’s memorial, saying in an email “It was determined that it would not be in M’s best interest both emotionally and medically to attend the service.”  They continue on to say, “M’s doctors have made it very clear that any exposure to a single illness can be fatal for her.”

Marihya’s Great Aunt, Tonya Harris, led the protest outside DA Blodgett opposing the decision.  She says, “It’s not the memorial that’s chaotic, what is chaotic is the fact that they will not allow us to bond with her the way that the family should bond with her during this time of bereavement and that’s what hurts so much with the family.”

In the email, the foster care case manager offers to send pictures and videos of Marihya to “…show the family how she is doing and that she is happy and thriving.”

Family of Marihya says they have put in a request with her judge hoping he will overturn the decision.  Kenneth Harris says he has regained custody of 2-year-old Essie.  Marihya’s great aunt says she is currently filing to become Maryihya’s foster mother and hopes to eventually become her legal guardian.

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  • julie

    why is she in foster care and how dare they say she cannot attend her mommys funeral shame on the people who make those decisions

  • tracy

    Ok but she attends school and is around all types of viruses daily so I cant see why the ruling was based on that.If something went on with this child to be removed ok BUT LETS REMEMBER SHE IS HUMAN AND THAT IS HER MOTHER SO SHE SHOULD BE ABLE TO ATTEND HER MOTHERS FUNERAL.THATS SAID SHE WOULD NOT HAVE TO GO AROUND THE OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS .
    I feel the state is worried someone may try to abduct the child and cause unneeded stress in this little girls life

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