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Former GVSU Quarterback Missing In Lake County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FINNERTY CROPPEDBALDWIN, Mich. – A search is underway in Lake County for former GVSU Lakers quarterback Cullen Finnerty. Finnerty was last seen fishing in a pontoon boat near Baldwin Sunday.

Sources tell FOX 17 that Finnerty docked the boat and called his in-laws.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department says Finnerty was having what the family described as an episode and say he was scared and wandered into the woods.

Finnerty led the Grand Valley State University Lakers to three national Division II championships from 2003 to 2006. Later, he spent time in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens.

Anyone with any information are asked to call the Lake County Sheriff’s Department at  231-745-2712.

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  • deputychief301

    I have been listening to this search all day on the scanner.Lake County Sheriff dept and local Fire depts have been searching for him without success.The area he was in has houses and alot of streets and the Baldwin river is fairly sallow this time of year. The Michigan State Police had a helicopter over the area this afternoon with out success. Last thing i heard that the search is called off until further info as a caller called 911 and stated they seen a guy that looked like Finnerty standing near a major road yesterday evening,,This guy was also wearing sweat pants like the missing man.

  • igglepiggle

    No way, somebody's missing!?!?!?! I hope he's found and is OK, but all these people coming up missing in our area as of late is friggin' ridiculous.

  • deputychief301

    Sounds like Lake County Sheriff Dept is setting up a command center on 32nd st ,the now closed Geo prison and a press conference will be held at 11;00am at the Lake County Sheriff dept in Baldwin.
    According to the scanner public is welcome to search but must sign in at the Command center which is located on 32nd st east of M-37 in the Prison parking lot.

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