M-Spa Owner Apologizes To Family

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

m-spaPORTAGE, Mich. – A woman said she was verbally attacked by the owner of M Spa and Salon in Portage because her two-and-a-half-year-old son with autism was crying and screaming during his haircut.

The story has received national attention after another customer who was there posted about the incident on Facebook. Now the salon owner has issued a statement.

Statement of Michelle Mott

Owner of M-Spa Salon & Day Spa

“To  say that the last few days at M-Spa have been challenging  is an understatement.   We are all aware of the significant  attention given to a Facebook posting regarding a recent haircut for one of our spa’s youngest customers.  Social media has been used to create an impression of me and this event in ways which do not fairly reflect who I am and which seek to silence differing viewpoints about what occurred.  While this is very unfortunate, I am not going to review those differences here.

“Rather,  I want to say that my actions were not intended to create any hardship or embarrassment for little Grayson or his parents.  And while I believed that Grayson’s parents understood that, when Mrs. Bays stayed for her highlight and cut at our spa right after Grayson had left with his father,

I want to reassure the Bays family of this point.  I apologize to Grayson and the Bays family for any embarrassment or hardship that they have experienced  by my actions.

“We look forward to better days ahead and we will continue to strive to be the best spa in southwest Michigan.  To those who have voiced displeasure  with me or with my spa over this incident, I will work hard to regain your faith in our services.  To those who have indicated that my business should be boycotted, I would ask only that you consider the impact of such a boycott upon the many families who derive some portion  or all of their livelihood  from our spa.                                                                                                  To those who have withheld judgment  or have voiced  support  over the last few days, including  my treasured  customers  and employees,  I extend my heartfelt appreciation.

This statement has also been posted to www.m-spa.com .

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  • niki

    I am sorry but it just seems too little too late and really doesn't seem like the owner was really was only sorry that they got so much backlash from what I will call a childish act…. if they don't want there other customers bothered then maybe they shouldn't have little kids come to there spa for hair cuts and I really don't think if the other customers knew anything about him they wouldn't have minded that he was upset….. As a mother my self I would never take my child there again and I would give them anymore of my hard earned money on a company that can't understand what kind of struggles having a child with autism and a 2 and 1/2 at that can be…. to the Bays family I hope that this doesn't hurt any progress that you guys have worked so hard to give Grayson so that his life could be more normal for him…. I know having a child with autism is hard and just day to day can be a fight sometimes but keep doing what you are doing and from the bottom of my heart I am sorry that narrow minded people like that had set you guys back if it did…..

  • Sarah

    I am also sorry for the person's involved but…. First you should not use the minors name… Second…. I am a mother of a two year old and would never want this kind of treatment.. I understand that there are others that work here as well as I have never been here… But as a mom and a educator I would never put my trust in a business that acted in such a manor..

    • An English Teacher

      Sarah, as an educator, you should proof read your posts before you put them out there for everyone to read. Unless I am mistaken, the correct spelling for the word manner is as I have spelled it, not manor.(Totally different meaning)

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Motts KNEW this little boy had autism and she still treated him and his mother horribly!! She is only apologizing to try and save her business. If she were an employee (not owner) she would have been FIRED!! It took her 3 days to issue an apology. And that is only because of the media attention to this woman’s bad behavior has brought. Autistic or not, you NEVER yell at a paying customer! That is just common courtesy and professionalism – something Ms. Motts failed to learn. This lady makes me sick!!!!!

  • Anon

    She still doesn't get it……she try's to muddy the accuracy of the Facebook posting and yet there were 4 people all saying she yelled and only her saying she didn't…….did not come off as sincere to me. Think I would get another lawyer.

  • Deborah

    If she was so upset about the trearment of her child WHY did she stay and get her hair and highlights done? Makes no sense… maybe to look good for CNN?

  • Meghan

    If you were so upset and felt verbally attacked by the owner, why on earth would you stay to get your hair cut and colored. I have two young children and I know how hard it is to get there hair cuts.if anyone ever talked to my children in the manner that she is claiming you better believe that I would through it right back at her. I would embarrass her in her own business before I would post it on Facebook. It is such a load of crap that a mother would “pamper”herself after being verbally assaulted by the owner. She is just looking for money and to get people to feel sorry for her. Well I don’t and I have never been to this place.

  • Guest

    Maybe if people would bring up their children to behave, yes I said behave.. I see more and more everyday where its the children in the household that sets the rules. Even children with autism know right from wrong..Parents you cannot deny this.. I see kids whine and cry and mommie folds and gives them what they want.. Think about how you were raised.. bet you tons that is you had done what your children are doing you would have been punished and rightfully so.. I don't even like children much anymore, they run thru stores, they grab, they beg and generally act like the world owes them something.. Two year olds are old enough to know better, and if you know your child is scared WHY ARE YOU FORCING THEM TO GET THEIR HAIR CUT THERE.. Cut it at home.. Blame someone else for your childs behavior will get you everywhere.. Especially when they are sixteen.. You are the parent.. act like one