Spiking Gas Prices Causing Long Lines At The Pump

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Gas price 2PORTAGE, Mich- Spiking gas prices have created some long lines at gas stations all over West Michigan that have not jumped above the four dollar a gallon mark. These are images from the Meijer in Portage, where lines for gas have created long waits for customers at the pump.

According to GasBuddy.com this recent spike is attributed to an unexpected “glitch” at a refinery, which lead to lower production of gasoline.

That “glitch” caused that refinery to buy gas from another refinery, to make up for its contractual obligations. Which then leads to higher prices at the pump.

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  • Chris

    *Cough* bull *cough* sh..cocka!! *Cough* With the huge profits in oil, the company could have ate their mistake and not passed it on.

  • An English Teacher

    I agree. This is nothing but pure and simple greed…Getting so tired of this bulls___. These people still think that the American people are a bunch of ignorant imbeciles. It is too bad that we can't grab them by the ba___ and squeeze like they are doing to us. Everytime they jack the prices up on us they come up with some lame excuse and think that we are going to fall for it….

  • K-Dude

    Maybe the latest tornado in Oklahoma would have been a better excuse, doesn't matter we have to drive so we have to buy. Just bend over and take it!!

  • Thomas M Nash

    What was the glitch did someone get a fart caught sideways glitches can be anything but i dont beat up America because of my screw up by the way look at the price of oil and the wholesale price of gas.
    GAS BUDDY i used to really like what you did but now it seems you are taking sides with the gas co and reporting what ever line of crap they tell you.

  • Truther

    Election day 2008 gas was $1.87.
    The promise was made to "necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket".
    Voting has consequences

    • Falser

      That's right, this is all O'Bummer's fault. Republicans are the answer, please stop being a sheep and join the right side of right wing politics. War, financial crisis, crooked banks – who cares? Republicans can get gas back down, because voting has consequences.

      • MeNoDo

        Does anyone see the problem here? There is zero competitive market for refined oil. The passed their "error" onto the dependents. US. If a company in competition made a mistake, they would of ate the lose to keep their customers. Petrol distribution in most area's, is like Comcast and Charter. Except our government is regulating how many refineries there are.