Winter Weather Advisory for Friday Night and Saturday

B-93 Birthday Bash Is Full

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

B-93MARTIN, Mich-  Update from the B-93 Birthday Bash: B-93 is no longer able to grant access with Parking Passes. We will be refunding any advanced parking passes.

Officials with the B-93 Birthday Bash and Law Enforcement are telling FOX 17, if you are not in line to park or have tickets for the event, it is sold out. If you have reserved or advanced tickets, they will be honored and they will find a place for you to park your vehicle.

Right now traffic for the event is backed up for almost 6 miles on U.S. 131.

The country concert began this afternoon at 12 p.m and will happen again on Sunday.

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  • Melinda

    My son just called. He waited in line for 4 hours to get in to park and had a prepaid pass. They were very excited to go to this event…what a let down! Not to mention wasting a half tank of gas waiting to get in at $4.29 a gallon. Wow, when they say "nothing in life is FREE, I guess they were right.

  • Deb Redman

    We purchased our reserve tickets the day they were offered. Sat on the highway for 5 hours and was told by police we could not get in. Isin't that what RESERVE means? What a huge mess B93. Thanks for dissapointing our kids,

  • Julia

    We had 8 reserved tickets and could not get in. Why not have parking for people who buy seats. Very disaapointed and out $$$

  • buffy

    why the hell are you guys even trying to go to this?? don't you know unless you leave at 4am you aren't gonna get in?? don't you see reports of the crowds every year?? are you NOT paying attention? omg how dumb! i've been to BB 3 times and all three times it was just drunk stupid rednecks who leave their kids to get wasted in the beer tent and the hosts having to call out over the loudspeakers the parents who "lost" their kids. waste of time. complete waste of time.

  • Aenjellica

    I sat in line for 6hrs and was at the sign that said 1mile to exit and we were told by officials at BB that those who paid for the tickets and patking passes could get in and those in line could get in as well but for those at home or work to not come, then we got to the bottom of the exit (maybe 2 miles from concert) that NO ONE was getting in…i wasted half a tank of gas in line alone and was less than an eighth tank of gas and the dumb police would not even let us use the gas station right across from the exit and had to get straight off the exit and had to go 2 exits down to get gas…BULL SHIT B-93 GET A BIGGER PARKING AREA YOUR BASH IS GROWING TOO FAST…

    they should limit the amount of tickets sold and given away

  • Dess

    I agree that it was a bunch of bull!!! I did not have reserve seats or pay for my parking in advance BUT what I did do was drove 2 hours and waited in a line for well over an hour and a half with a 4 month old and a 19 month old. Oh did I mention in the rain??? Here is what else I did: listened to the station everyday, any chance I got. And My family and I get repaid by not being allowed in:/ why hand out more tickets then the occupancy allows? To disappoint families and make your station look horrible?