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Great Dane Shot and Killed In Front of Owner

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON, Mich. — Indy, a two-year-old Great Dane, was shot and killed Friday afternoon after sneaking out of his Muskegon home while his family were heading to the doctor’s office.

According to his owners, Indy ran about four blocks after sneaking out of the house and stopped at a vacant property at the corner of Isabella Avenue and Wood Street

Clayton Finley, Indy’s owner, said he and his family saw his dog shot twice at the corner of Wood Street and Isabella Avenue after running about four blocks after getting out.  He said after he arrived at the vacant house Indy stopped at, he saw a crowd of people forming, and then saw someone shoot the dog.

“I told them he was harmless, he won’t bite you,” Finley said.  “As I was running up to get him a guy pulled out his gun and shot him.”

Muskegon Police say they have a suspect in the case, but the family still hasn’t recuperated from the loss.

“He was murdered.  That’s how I see it,” Jenn Hamm, another of Indy’s owners, said.

After Indy was shot, the family took him to the vet, where they confirmed that the death was the result of the two gunshot wounds.

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  • Amy

    I am so sorry for this un-necessary killing of an innocent animal. I hope the heartless person pays the maximum whatever it maybe for all of the heartache caused to this family.

  • Scherzerfan

    Unecessary is right. With a crowd around, I hope the person that pulled the gun out gets slapped with reckless endangerment or something besides the needless destruction of someone elses "property." No, I don't know the laws on such matters but I do know that the right thing to do to try to return someone's lost property rather than just destroy it. OMG, I hate these stories. I'll bet the shooter felt great proving what a big "MAN" he was until his arrest. I am so very, very sorry for the family's loss.

  • George

    Being an avid "gun guy", I hope the coward who shot the dog gets every law on the books thrown at him.
    Personalty, Mr Coward, If you are reading this, I may have considered shooting back….

  • Animal lover

    Just heart breaking to read this story, Here when I see a lost dog I go out of my way to see if I can find it's home, The idiot should be punished to the extent of the law!! And beyond….Very, sorry to the family who lost their pet so unnecessary :(

  • Kathy

    As a pet owner myself I can feel his pain, I 'm so sorry for your lost I hope they trow the book at him. Bless you and your family.

  • Julie

    I hope the jerk who shot the harmless dog gets whats coming to him! If the dog was attacking someone then I can see taking action but a friendly pet? There was no cause for pulling a gun! I agree with Linda let the a$$ who shot him run 4 blocks then have someone shoot him!

  • esco

    Hopefully there's a District Attorney somewhere that is annoyed by this needless act of cruelty and decides to take some action here. This dog was killed because of it's appearance and the a-hole shooter thought it was o.k..WRONG!!!
    I just hope the Sheriff shows up at his door to take him away for a while.

    Poor Indy =..(

  • kathy

    That was totally unnecessary when the owner was right there and the dog was dog was no threat to anyone, I hope and pray they make this heartless person pay for it too all the extent of the law

  • Kara

    why would anyone fire a gun at the dog unless they felt somewhat threatened? This is insane…an act of stupidity.. A HATE CRIME!

  • camar

    Very tragic:( Hope they find the guy and lock him up…not only for shooting a harmless pet, but for also threating the owner! Sounds like a thug to me.

  • Dawn

    What a sad story! I am so sorry for their loss. Why was the moron carrying a gun, in the first place? When they find him, which they will, he'll not only be charged with the pets death, but also with having a gun. Bet he won't feel so cool then!

  • Jessica Medemar

    That is horrible. Poor dog didn’t even know what hit him or why. It sounds like the dog was harmless. Now I’d the dog were attacking that would be different. Great danes are harmless. I’ve never met one to be agressive. So sorry for the loss. I hope they find out who did it.

  • Voice of reason

    Just because you trust your dog not to hurt you or someone else does not mean the rest of us are obliged to feel the same way. Dogs are animals and a lose one is a hazard. I was not there to see everything that happened but If the dog is off it's leash and running around it IS a danger to everyone.

    • D N

      WTF ? that is like me saying you might rob me so I can shoot you …. unless the dog actually did something besides just being there , leave it alone . It isn't your job to decide it fate!!!

  • Sara

    Thats just stupid, dogs are like children, sometimes they do things that they arnt supposed to. Like getting out! The owner was right there! and for a crowd to gather, makes me think that they were not that scared! Not every dog without a leash is a danger! I've never heard something SO stupid. Would you shoot someones child who ran off? I think not. If your unsure whether the dog is a threat, then run from it.. dont shoot it.. Most dogs that get out are just being what they are…. animals.

  • sarah

    great danes rarely ever have a ‘bad seed’. i train dogs, & the tiny ones are always the most aggressive. regardless of that fact, the whole scenario is just off. who whips out a gun in a crowd? who shoots in front of a crowd? someone with no morals or ethics. again, if it was a dangerous scene, like the dog mauling some living thing, then i may see justification in shooting it….

  • Kristy

    Im so sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to the family and I hope justice will be served. Great Danes are AWESOME dogs and wonderful family companions. My heart breaks for your family during this difficult time.

  • An English Teacher

    Just another good argument for getting guns off of the streets. Probably thought it would make him look like a big man if he shot the dog. All it did was prove that the dog had more balls than the shooter did. I agree with the statement above. Tell him to start running and after 4 blocks, shoot his ass. Probably just worthless scum anyway…So very sorry for this familys loss. It is a horrible experience to lose a family pet….

  • inxs1965

    I hope the person who committed this crime ends up in jail. How irresponsible — people could've been hurt in the process not to mention the irrational reaction to a defenseless animal. Hope this person rots in jail for being so stupid.

    • Brittney

      I’m a very close friend to the family and if you email me your contact information, I will pass it along to them so you can get in touch. Good to know that there are still good people in the world!

  • Kat

    We will be having a litter in August, and if it is a large litter we would love to donate a Merle pup to the family, I know it won't replace Indy, but they can make new memories with another Great Dane baby.

  • Billy

    The corner of Isabella and Wood says it all, they are not the brightest crayons in the box over there. They shoot each other with no sense of remorse, doesn't surprise me they kill animals for no reason. :/

  • Ron Kramer

    I've never seen a mean great dane. I say this.

    Vacant property. WHY was the shooter trespassing? Why was someone feeling throated – running to a vacant property? why not go in your home and close the door. (if need be call animal control or police).

    I hope he gets jail time and a huge fine.

  • Ben

    I think everyone needs to calm down. Sounds like all the details have not come out yet. How about we wait until we hear from someone who was actually there to tell us another side of the story.

    There are two sides to every story you know. Maybe the man was elderly and feel threatened by a huge dog. Assuming he is just some egotistical maniac doesn't make sense. We don't have the facts.

    • Patrick

      Not one person that made comments was there, people just like to run off at the mouth without knowing what happened. As sad as it is that the dog has lost its life, it was not on a leash, it was running to a crowd of people and it is an animal and you can never be certain what a animal will do. Now the dumb ass using a gun is a whole different stupid issues.

  • BabsBrown

    My great Dane was shoot and killed 2 months ago and the guy said he was protecting his cattle, we got fined $300 for a dog off a leash. My 8 year old daughter accidentally let him out and lives with the guilt that it is all her fault. Sick! and sad that we now had a misdemeanor for a "dog off a leash". The guy who shot our dog with his hand gun multiple times gets off free.

  • Debbie

    This is just another case of sheer stupidity!!! We see wild and somewhat dangerous animals and try to save them. We see a dog and shoot. Stupid. I had three harmless boxers shot by ignorant "dangerous" neighbors. They got out of their fenced in yard by accident but were known by these neighbors to be friendly. They were walked by neighborhood kids as well as my own kids. Everyone loved them but the neighbors that killed them. This was two different times at two different homes with two different ignorant cowardly men. No jail time! But Karma can be a ___!!!!

  • Cezar Comorasu

    I'm romanian, i live in Romania and i have 5 Great Dane ''angels''. I was shocked to search some nice news about my favorites and to find out this bad news about this dog. ''You'll bve the bext''… that killer really needs a bullet between his creepy eyes! In your country the police do theyr jobs, in our country not really… or not at all if the suspect is the nephew of a cop. So… we still use our own ''police'' treatments against these kind of people who harm the society. I would like to get back here and discover the MF was arrested and hopefully in that prison will be some nice big ''heads'' who will turn the killer into a nice gilrfriend! Message for killer: You would be dead or in happiest case at Intensive Therapy now if you do this in our area! Condoleances for the family. I know what means the loss of a family member! Cezar Comorasu – Bucharest – Romania.

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