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UPDATE: Suspected Drunk Driver Hits Young Girl Leaving Birthday Bash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MARTIN, Mich.– Nine-year-old Jaylynn Hiler is still recovering after being hit by a car while leaving the B-93 Birthday Bash.

The Allegan County Sheriff’s department says it happened around 10:00 p.m. Saturday. Officials say the driver was trying to bypass traffic in line and that alcohol is a factor in the accident.

Jaylynn’s grandma, Kathryn Hood, says the little girl is suffering from a fractured pelvis but is in good spirits. She spent the day at DeVos Children’s Hospital and was finally able to go home late Sunday evening.

Jaylynn won VIP tickets and was looking most forward to seeing Lee Brice on Sunday. Hood  just hopes everyone can learn a little something from this.

“I’m upset that people don’t know how to slow down,” said Hood.  “I mean don’t always be in such  a hurry. Life’s to short; take your time, that’s my message. Slow down, it could be you.”

The driver is expected to be arraigned sometime this week.

Aside from Jaylynn’s incident, Lt. Bob May of the Wayland State Police Post says they had two other drunk driving arrests and a few alcohol-related incidents.  Overall, he says there was nothing major despite the estimated 70,000 people who came out over the weekend.

“Overall the weekend has gone pretty well,” said Hay.  “We had more traffic than we even anticipated, the event seems to get bigger and more popular every year.”

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  • mary

    This is not a good place to take little kids.. too much drinking… Keep the kids home !
    Big events.. drivers should be ALOT more cautious too…

  • anonymous

    People drink at baseball, football and basketball games. Go to any auto racing event and there is drinking so should kids never go anywhere? How about the morons stay home and drink so everyone else can enjoy the events!

    • Cynthia

      I understand that, but his is a really big event, where it is known for people getting a little too drunk… so leave the kids behind on this one until they are at least 15 or so.

  • esco

    Trying to bypass the line while drunk, what a genius move. Thank goodness the little girl will live to attend more birthdays. That foolish idiot driver almost killed someone, throw the book at him.!

  • Guest

    Booze should be left for the bars. Not major events. Remember about 10 yrs ago when the kids got killed in a drunk driving accident coming back from Birthday bash. I thought they weren't going to have alcohol anymore?

  • melissa

    How about just put more patrol in the event i saw so many minors drinking and there were no ppl watching….. And they do have to do something about the parking, maybe more attendees out there directing traffic! I saw this whole accident happen with my own eyes! I was in complete shock! I will never forget the sound or just watching it! And the look on her face is implanted in my head! I’m just glad she’s ok…poor baby…..

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