18-Year-Old Officially Charged With Birthday Bash Crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

eric robertsALLEGAN, Mich. — Eighteen-year-old Eric Roberts was charged on Tuesday with operating while intoxicated and causing serious injury, reckless driving and causing impairment of body function.

Roberts is accused of Hitting nine-year-old Jaylynn Hiler with his vehicle while leaving the parking lot at this year’s B-93 Birthday Bash.

Hiler suffered a fractured pelvis after the incident.

During his probable cause hearing on June 11 testimony before Allegan County District Court, Capt. Scott Matice said Roberts had a blood alcohol content between .07 and .08. The legal limit in Michigan is .08 for people 21 and over, and .02 for anyone under 21.

“Roberts did drive past several vehicles which were stopped in a line trying to get out of the event and was passing them at a higher rate of speed in the grassy area when he struck the victim,” Matice said.

Roberts’ next court date is June 20.

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  • An English Teacher

    This is one of the major reasons why alcohol should not be served at these events. It can not be controlled and obviously people are bringing it in or allowing underage people to drink it after they arrive. Granted this young man needs to face the consequences for his actions, but B93 should also shoulder some of the blame for allowing underage drinking. This is one of the reasons why this event is no longer being held in Allegan. There was a fatal crash after one of bashes that was held there, and alcohol was a factor in that crash. What is the deal with this legal limit for anyone under 21??? Why is there a limit at all. It is illegal to drink if you are not 21 years of age. Pure and simple. According to what is stated above. You can drink if you are under 21, and if you are not over .02 you will not be charged. WTH…….

    • TBone

      Not sure why it is expected by so many that alcohol be served at these type of functions. Can't individuals enjoy a concert without the added buzz from booze?!

  • Jack

    At minimum he was a stupid kid who thought he was invincible. He should lose his license for a while, then when he gets it back, be tethered to a breathalyzer for several more years, and pay restitution.. The charges seem to fit, and he should be thanking someone EVERY single day that he didn't kill someone.

    FTA: “Roberts did drive past several vehicles which were stopped in a line trying to get out of the event and was passing them at a higher rate of speed in the grassy area when he struck the victim,” Matice said.

  • Basher

    Just want to say, the Underage drinking happens BEFORE they enter the gate, So many people arrive drunk, this is not under B93's control nor US 131 Motorsports park. There is no one to blame here but the kid himself. The guardian of the child should have been watching her.

    • A Friend

      The Mother was watching her! She let her out to use the bathroom because the lines were so long and she couldn't hold it. If you weren't there and didn't see it then don't "ASSume" the mother wasn't watching! I'm tired of everyone blaming the mother for letting her daughter go with her! It's the KIDS fault who was driving, no if's and's or but's about it. If it wouldn't of been Jaylynn then i'm sure someone else by the way he was driving. People ALWAYS have to put the blame on someone other than the responsible! Forgive the child for having to use the restroom! Ok rant over.

  • Witness

    There are places to use the bathroom, and She should have went with her to use the bathroom, not let her go by herself she is 9! I was there, and I know a few people who WORK THERE. No "ASSuming". I Blame the mother for not going with her. Sorry. But I do believe its the 18 year olds fault for drunk driving. So dont be trying to PIN Alcohol on b93 and US 131 MSP.

    • A Friend

      Nobody is trying to "pin" anything on b93 and us 131 msp! Her mother parked right in front of the bathrooms. HE drove on the grass to get around MULTIPLE cars to leave. HIS FAULT! Forgive me if you don't understand that when a kid says they gotta go to the bathroom, the gotta go! Obviously there are places the use the bathroom, SHE WAS USING ONE OF THEM!

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