Boyfriend in Murder-Suicide Has History of Police Encounters

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

plainwell youtubePLAINWELL, Mich. — Robert Burnham-Pratt, the 24-year-old man who allegedly shot his girlfriend, 23-year-old Cassaundra Pell, early Tuesday morning before turning the gun on himself, has a documented history of conflicts with police.

Burnham-Pratt’s YouTube channel has two videos that show these encounters.  The first shows an encounter he had with Plainwell Public Safety after residents spotted him openly carrying a shotgun in town.

“Just exercising rights, Mr. Pell, Officer Pell,” Pratt said to Officer James Pell, the father of Cassaundra Pell, in the video.

The second video, recorded by an unidentified female, shows Burnham-Pratt on camera in a much more intense encounter with officials.  Plainwell Detective John Varley accuses Pratt of using a baseball bat to hit a car and trying to kick in the door of a house.

“You’re having some type of emotional issue right now,” Varley tells him in the video. “We’re here to help you.”

Later in the video, as the police leave, Pratt tells them, “I appreciate the Hitler Nazi stuff.”

DISCLAIMER: The below video contains profanity.

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  • Sammy

    I feel extremely sad for these officers to have to deal with ignorant people like this! Wish they were able to do something..

    • Jax

      I feel awful for uneducated, ignorant people that make assumptions when they have no idea what REALLY happened…just sickening.

    • Guess

      What? The rest of the videos are nothing. Just him shooting guns. I do know them both very well and he is an asshole. Fun guy but kinda crazy. You don't know what happened either. If you're on the double suicide bandwagon you're very presumptuous and just plain dumb

    • Knollwood Remembers

      You know what, every freaking video just goes to show that he was a nutbag, leaving that channel up is despicable and disgusting. I didn't have to know him to know that he was a controlling, mentally unstable person, before he appeared in Cass' life, she spent a lot of time out playing disc golf and socializing with friends, after, I didn't see her for months. Not only did he take her away from everyone that loved her permanently, he also denied many of her friends the ability to see her before the shooting.

      I did not personally know him, but to be frank, anyone that could take such an amazing person out of this world isn't worth another thought and anyone defending the person is simply calloused and dense. She will be memorialized, he will be forgotten.

  • Knollwood Remembers

    Cass will be remembered by every life she touched, it had been a very long time since I had seen her, before this person came into her life as her boyfriend, she regularly played disc golf at Knollwood Park in Kalamazoo. She helped out with our cleanup efforts and generally brought her bright demeanor into every situation. After four years, we have finally achieved our goal of raising the money to improve Knollwood and we will be putting her name on one of the concrete tee pads that will be installed this year.

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