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Cyclist Hit in Crash Shares Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Evan Cusack describes himself as an avid cyclist. One day, an accident cut his ride to work short.

“The next thing I know, I was in the ambulance, and the car had hit me from behind. He didn’t see me,” he recalled.

Cusack ended up in the hospital battered and bruised. He said the car that hit him was going 55 miles an hour. He was driving on an open country road in Byron Center. His four thousand dollar bike only had 30 miles on it, but the crash totaled it.

“I probably shouldn’t be here to be honest. I totaled the car with my body and walked away with a few scratches,” he explained.

He hurt his shoulder, but had no broken bones, and said he thanks God everyday. Cusack said his helmet saved his life, and he almost didn’t wear it that morning. In 2012, the Michigan Department of Transportation said 1,970 bicycle crashes occurred in the state. Twenty of those crashes were fatal.

To avoid becoming that 1%, Cusack suggests motorists look out for cyclists. If you’re on a bicycle, he suggests faithfully wearing your helmet and obey all traffic signs.

“As a cyclist, you do have the same rights as a motorist, but I think some cyclist, we overuse that power,” he said.

Cusack added, “We have to be careful to watch where other people are going because you can’t just assume that they’re going to yield to us.”

For motorists and cyclists, sharing the road goes both ways.

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    • Kari

      Bicyclists are not squatters hiding out in the woods and then hopping on our $500 bicycles to commute to work. We pay taxes too! Plus, bicycles do not cause damage to the roads, which is what the tax dollars go towards anyway. Bicycle commuters cause less traffic, less pollution, use less fossil fuels and promote health. In communities where motorists have open minds, there is a successful balance of motorists and cyclists – it's not about money – it's about appreciating everyone's choices. A cyclist is not taking money out of your pocket. You need a new argument or perhaps to just open your mind a little bit.

  • me

    Come on people use your brains. Do you really want to be riding your bike on a road with all those two ton vehicles zipping by you? You can not keep up with traffic even on a residential side street. You have no turn signals, no brakes lights, no seatbelts and how many times a day do you see a distracted driver behind the wheel? Bicyclists should have to follow all the same codified statues that motorists do. License, registration, insurance, speed limits etc.

    • Beach bod

      And if motorists were following the law exactly they would be paying attention and not texting or whatever. I manage to put in 3000 miles a year on a bike and my only issues are with distracted or ignorant drivers

    • Avid cyclist/racer

      You openly admit that the reason it's unsafe to ride a bike on the road is from crappy drivers? It's unsafe to drive a car on the road if there's horrible drivers on the road.

      The rest of your post… is contradictory as you are clearly not educated in the rules of the road for cyclists, slow moving vehicles, or HPV's.

      You say we can't keep up with traffic (which we can in slow side streets, I've passed plenty of slow cars) but you're complaining we don't follow the speed limit?

  • Trent Walker

    Why do people always say “Cyclists should pay taxes to use the roads”?

    We do pay taxes, we do own cars, and we have as much of a right to ride on the road as you do to drive.

  • Christian

    Some of you are ignorant fools who would be singing a different song if it were your loved one on the road. Seriously, pay taxes? And then the other guy saying to use your brain, then makes a comment that shows he's not using his own brain. Just too difficult for your simple minds to share the road. You'd rather place blame or find reasons for cyclists not to be on the road. Maybe it's just jealousy that the cyclists are in shape while the ignorant fools can't see their feet past their fat stomachs.

  • Avid cyclist/ racer

    Cyclists ride on the road because it's safer, more convenient, safer for pedestrians on sidewalks, and many roads don't have sidewalks or bike paths running next to them.

    90%+ accidents happen at intersections. On the sidewalk every driveway, street, or similar entrance/exit becomes an intersection.

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