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Girl Hit At ‘Bday Bash’ Gets Surprise From Country Music Star

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ALLEGAN, Mich.– A little girl hit by a car at the B-93 Birthday Bash is getting a big surprise from one of her favorite country music stars.

Police say 9-year-old Jaylynn Hiler was hit by 18-year-old Eric Roberts while leaving the bash.  They also say Roberts was intoxicated and trying to pass traffic.

Jaylynn suffered a fractured pelvis from the incident and her mom, Charlinda Lupien, says she’s still recovering.

“It’s been hard,getting her in and out the bathtub to go to the bathroom, just being able to do things on her own is rough,” she said.

Once Fox17 aired her story after the accident word spread to Nashville about Jaylynn being upset she couldn’t see her favorite country star Lee Brice perform Sunday because she was still in the hospital.

Jaylynn says she loves Lee Brice, especially a certain song he sings called ‘Drive My Truck.’ Jaylynn says it was her step dad’s favorite song and he was recently killed in a car accident.

Now Jaylynn will not only be able to hear Lee Brice sing that song but meet him. In the weeks following her accident, Lee Brice’s manager reached out to Hiler and invited her to his next closest concert with backstage passes.

Lupien says it’s been rough with medical bills coming in and trying to get Jaylynn to the concert in Ohio.  If you’d like to help with any of that, you can visit any Independent Bank; the family set up an account in Jaylynn’s name.

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  • Abe

    Hmm.18 yr old drunk driver.I hope they also go after whoever he got the alcohol from. Considering all of the issues,maybe B93 should think about making the event non alcoholic.I'm pretty sure that won't happen

  • Rob

    Doesn't the kid drivings insurance pay her hospital and doctor bills and what was left b93 or the race way should pick up the tab. So why does she have a fund set up? Financially this shouldn't be an issue and if it is just for the trip wow can't afford 60 bucks in gas for a free concert and meet and greet and whatever else lee Bruce gives her I guess they shouldn't go. Price of parenting isn't cheap but I would never ask for a hand out for something I am already getting for free!

    • fatedone

      You wouldn’t be saying that if she were your child. And the price of parenting? I’d say you must have something against this family if you are being that heartless. Your post seems very personal and you sound upset that a little girl’s mom can’t afford the 60 bucks (which I guess they’re supposed to starve and sleep in the car). Get a hold on your emotions.

      • Protocol Zero

        It has nothing to do with that. You're acting like this family is dirt poor, which I'm not just going to assume they are. If the family were struggling with the medical bills, they could very easily sue the guy who hit her to cover all of her bills and then some. I speak from experience, a very close friend of mine was hit while riding her bike (she's 29), which led to several visits to the hospital, a surgery, and physical therapy to this very day (and for years to come). She sued the person responsible, and doesn't have to pay a dime for any of it, and on top of that, they are compensating her with her lost wages since she can't work anymore. I'm not saying go after this guy for every penny they can get, but at least the medical bills. Brice didn't have to reach out to her, he didn't even have to care, but he did. He gave her something, something that no one else got. She should be grateful, they really shouldn't be asking for more.

  • An English Teacher

    I agree that the kids insurance should be taking care of the bills and what they do not cover B93 should. I said right after the accident that this should be the last wake up call that B93 gets in regards to the alcohol issue. Allegan refused them the use of the fair grounds after the fatal accident that happened after BB a few years ago. Why do they have to serve alcohol. This is supposed to be a family affair. I for one as tired of every major event having to center around alcohol. Yes, I drink, but I do it responsibly and I do not drive after I have been drinking. In regards to the Mother stating that money is tight for them, we all know that insurance companies take their own sweet time to pay bills. It could be that the Mom had a job and she now has to stay home and take care of her daughter because she was incapacitated due to her injury. There could be many extenuating circumstances as to why they are having trouble finding the money to attend a concert in Ohio. If the motels in Ohio are anything like the motels in and around Nascar races, they raise their prices triple the regular rate when there are races going on and it very well could be that they do the same when there are big concerts being held. Some of you may look on the mothers request as a handout. I for one do not. I look at it as a mother trying to make her daughters dream come true. It sounds as if things have been pretty tough with her step father being killed in a automobile accident and now this injury to her. Come on people have a little compassion. Who knows. Someday it might be you who needs a helping hand and hopefully there will be some compassionate people out there to help you….I for one intend to help this Mom and her daughter get to Ohio for this concert. Can you say the same????

  • holly

    For those of you asking why they need help with a simple $60.00 ? Or the Simple hospital bills… It is easy for all of you to fill in the blanks. I love how you all assume HIS insurance SHOULD cover the bills….So what IF he didn't have any? How do the bills get paid? Taking someone to court takes time and you guessed it more money.As for B93 helping or stepping up….the family has yet to receive a call from them . Like i said you can all fill in the blanks or maybe just ask….you might get farther. Life for a single parent is hard now days ,How about if you just lost your husband 9 months ago and are still working through that and then a drunk 18 year old cant wait in line any longer and happends to hit your child that is only a few feet from your car,I keep seeing people say the mother was wrong for letting her 9 year old out of the car.Let me make this clear!!! They were already in the car in line to leave for 4 hours.There were no safe places to pull out of that line if you needed to.What was a person going to do leave the car in line parked while thousands are leaving? She was less then 10 away from the bathrooms could see them at all times.This kid made the choice to drive on the grass around traffic to leave .How is that the mothers fault? If there was bathrooms there it would seem like there would have been a safe place to pull of out of the way to use them right? There are alot of factors here that people are not taking in. This little girl needs this .Help or not but dont just fill in the blanks.Just saying!!

  • sam

    Wow how disrespectful some people are. Put your self I in her shoes. You don’t know her don’t know that ten months to that day that mother and her children watched her husband and their step dad die right in front of them. They watched it all. You didn’t know that her step dad drove a truck and loved that song by lee Brice I drive your truck. And that she only wanted to see him. You don’t know all the shit this family has been through till you walk a mile in her shoes. And then on the ten month anniversary of his death a drunk idiot decides to go around traffic on the grass and hit a Lil girl waiting for the bathroom to open. I hope the people above that talked shit now feel like shit for talking about something that they knew very little about. now that you know a Lil bit of their story you can judge. And I’m sure you will think differently.

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