Man Dies After 15-Year-Old Unlicensed Driver Hits His Car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

car-crash-stop-signLAGRANGE TWP, Mich — A 15-year-old unlicensed driver may be at fault in a fatal crash in Cass County.

The county sheriff’s department says in a media release that 15-year-old Sonia Sahavedra of Eau Claire was driving northbound on Daily Road, when she didn’t stop at the stop sign at Pokagon Highway. It all happened around 1:44 p.m. Wednesday, June 26.

Sahavedra’s vehicle hit another car, driven by 40-year-old Adam Koppy of Jones. Koppy’s vehicle then slid into oncoming traffic, and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The driver of the oncoming vehicle, 50-year-old Brenda Smith of Bridgeman, was taken to the hospital to be treated.

Sahavedra was not injured, and her 16-year-old passenger was not injured either.

The crash remains under investigation.

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  • Sheryl A.M.

    I would like to send my prayers to and for the family of Adam Koppy who died in a car accident
    Wednesday the 22 2013

  • Siduri

    Of course they weren't injured. They never are.

    Hopefully vehicular homicide charges will be filed. And that Ms. Sahavedra will have a long time to contemplate behind bars about the life she took, and the family she bereaved, through her selfish, irresponsible actions.

  • Todd E.

    Question: Is this another case of an illegal alien (Oh, I'm sorry, Undocumented Worker) taking the life of a US citizen? RIP, Mr. Koppy.

  • someone who cares

    she wont get time or anything only thing she will get is a " you were a bad teen girl for driving dont do it again" . I have seen this way too many times. I am a medic .

  • Florida Resident

    I fogot to mention yesterday,I hope and that this 15 year old girl should not ever be able to drive
    She killed a innocent man,and if I recall when driving with a permit You Have To Have Someone 18 years old Or Legal Adult Driver with you
    According to the artical she actually caused 2 accidents in one and killed poor Mr Koppy

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