Fireworks Complaints Flood Local Law Enforcement

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST MICHIGAN- The Fourth of July is just one day away, and local law enforcement is saying their phone lines have already been flooded with noise complaints.

For about a week, Jen Adkins, who lives in Battle Creek, said she’s been listening to the constant sounds of fireworks.

“It’s just these loud booms that shake your whole house,” she said.

Just last night, a firework exploded loud enough to wake up her young children. She said they’re now afraid of the noises.

“I really am sad about that because the Fourth of July should be about celebration,” she said. “I don’t want my children to be scared of the noise or scared of going to watch them.”

A new state law gives municipalities the power to regulate when the fireworks can be shot off. In Battle Creek for example, where Adkins lives, fireworks are banned every night from midnight until 8 a.m.

As it turns out, Adkins isn’t the only one upset about the late night fireworks.

In Ottawa County, since Monday, the sheriff’s department has received 17 calls related to fireworks. There were 19 calls in Calhoun County and 27 calls into Kent County.

We asked Adkins if she thought people were aware of the rules.

“If they do know, I don’t think they care,” she said. “Or maybe they don’t know. I don’t want them to not have fun, but be respectful.”

For those who are not sure of what the regulations are in their area, they can give their local government office a call.

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