Police Find Newborn With 19 Broken Bones; Teen Dad Charged With Abuse

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SPARTA, Mich. – A 19-year-old father was arrested after police in Sparta found broken bones on his newborn boy.

David Steiger was taken into custody on July 2 and charged with first-degree child abuse July 5.  He is being held at the Kent County Jail on a $100,000 bond, and could face life in prison if convicted.

According to his Facebook page, he’s a newlywed and a new father.  His son, Jaxon, was just 20 days old when Steiger was arrested and charged with the crime.

A probable cause affidavit obtained by FOX 17 outlines what police said they found when Steiger was arrested and charged with first degree child abuse.

It states that Steiger admitted he pushed Jaxon’s leg until he heard a ‘pop’ sound.  That sound, according to police, was the baby’s femur and tibia breaking.  Steiger then told police his son fell off the couch while he watching him.

But a medical examination found additional broken bones, 19 in total.  The documents state Steiger admitted that he may be to blame for those injuries but can’t say for sure because he “blacked out”.

We were able to speak with someone who knows Steiger but didn’t want to be identified.  He said the warning signs were there a few days before his arrest.

“He had the baby and he comes walking across the lawn and I was in the pool.  I looked at the baby and I hear him gasp for air and I was like, ‘What is wrong with your baby?'” the friend claims.  “I said you need to take him to the doctor and he said ‘I can’t because protective services will be all over me.'”

Documents also show Steiger told police his wife was not responsible for the baby’s injuries.

The baby was taken to the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids and is listed in fair condition.

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  • George

    Firing squad for the worthless, POS, coward baby beater !

    Hey Mr tough guy…..want to try that on me? (Please)

  • Amber

    I know the mom of this baby. I went to school with her. I hope this son-of-bitch has fun in prison. I knew he looked fishy when I seen his face in her pictures before she was even pregnant. Praying for her, the baby, and her family.

  • buffy

    i'd say the mom IS responsible as well…if she is too dumb to see the potential for him hurting the baby. He had to have also been abusing her or someone/something else before. This doesn't just happen. Investigate her as well.

    • Ashley

      "if she is too dumb to see the potential for him hurting the baby" Nah, abusers are usually good at being a good friend. it is more she needs to be charged for allowing her baby to be in pain from 19 broken bones without it seeing a doctor. THAT is her fault. EVEN if she didnt hurt it.

  • Sue

    I wish people would stop having babies when they are so young. Birth control is so reliable there is really no excuse!

    • nichole

      ur response is fucked up I had a baby at 19 and have another one and I'm 23 so I take offense to that. and I'd never let anyone hurt my girls.

  • Ashley

    He needs to stay behind bars until they rule out brittle bone disease- and then if it isnt they need to send him to prison and put a sign on his back saying child abuser!! AND they STILL need to charge him and the mother with abuse if they knew that baby was hurt- EVEN if hey didnt do it. SICK SICK SICK

    • Ashley

      if they knew that baby was hurt (because of britle bone disease)- even if they didnt do it. That baby had to of cried for hours on end because of pain. UGH!

  • kathy

    Age has nothing to do with having babies-I was 19yrs old when my daughter was born. Best thing that happened. The problem is these worthless, abusers that have children. And then their are people out here that want children and cannot have them. I myself would love to have more children.

  • anonymus

    i think people like this should get exactly what they did to thier innocent child victim. someone should break 19 of his bones, one at a time and let him sit in pain for days see how he likes it! people like this make me sick!

  • Kelly Clark

    It’s sad to hear of another child that is the victim of abuse at such an early age because that child will never know happiness. They will already know not to trust people because of the parents and yes, I said parents! There is no way that one parent does something to their child without the other one either knowing or learning about it! Here in Maryland I learned a long time ago what the statute is for abuse … The parents are fully responsible for what happens to their child(ren) even if they are in the hands of a licensed child care provider and the parents can and will be held liable for failure to protect their child even if its from a sibling. I know it’s hard to even have to think about giving up your child but a parent sometimes needs to step outside of the situation and look out for the best interest of the child and if its not with you then remove them to a safer place with people who can provide for your child while you are unable to!